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Development process

App Square is one of the few Australian developers of applications, which has its own office in Parramatta city. It employs 140 developers who have already developed more than 400 applications and this number is constantly growing. The company’s team has experience of working with different platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and HTML 5 Hybrid.

Apps done: 90


  • budget Min Budget: No Data
  • cost $100 - $149 per hour
  • employers 50-249 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2012
  • location Sydney, Australia
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Industry expertise:

App Square Services

AppSquare creates products for various devices, depending on the type of the ordering company and its purposes. There are two main directions they operate with:

  • Mobile application development
  • Game development

Creating their products this team always keeps to its basic program of operation. AppSquare takes great attention to all the concept of the future product, including technical, design and other important features. It makes a great difference with the major part of similar companies, as they underline that they belong to creative agencies, which provide application development, as well as emphasize their design services.

App Square puts great importance into concept and viability of the product. First, the clients tell their primary requirements, as well as their current position on the market and the investments available for the order. Then the experts of the company analyze different positive alternatives and create an application with the desirable features and within the budget of the client.

The company employs all the best masters who should work on applications, completely ready for the launch. You will find there programmers and designers, script writers and animators, artists and specialists in sound effects and other experts who can be necessary for the process of production. All of them have experience in working with different bases. They have already published their games on Xbox, Steam, PlayStation, Kinect and, of course, Android and iOS.

App Square Development Process

Their production process includes three main stages.

  • 1. Every process begins with a plan. First of all, AppSquare creates, writes down and shows it to the clients. Such preliminary plan is the best way to regulate work on the future product. The experts will have an exact construction draft to create the first prototype.
  • 2. The second step consists in software creation. This period involves the participation of the most experienced professionals.
  • 3. The third part is the most difficult and the most interesting stage. This is the period when the product goes to its launch and appearance on the global market. This is the moment when the team is ready to work around-the-clock to assure the best result to their clients.

To know more about the company, see samples of their work, read in details about their team and see the list of their partners you can visit their website.

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