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Development process
Appster is a mobile development company with offices in New York, Silicon Valley, Melbourne and India. If you search more than a simple mobile app, ask us and we will help you to a great sustainable business solution.
Apps done: 70


  • budget Min Budget $ 25,000
  • cost $50 - $99 per hour
  • employers 250-999 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2011
  • location San Francisco, USA
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Industry expertise:

Appster Services

Appster works in three directions: it provides web development, mobile app solutions and enterprise software development.

Appster Development Process

The development process in Appster is subdivided on stages. Each stage is necessary to ensure that a product development is going in accordance with planning. On the initial stage professionals from Appster discuss an objective of a product with a client. After that the company provides a sketch of a future app and defines the design of an application. When all necessary preparations are completed, a team of mobile development starts the building process. On the next step, a client receives a clickable prototype of an app and a team makes a number of tests to ensure that application works correct. When all tests are done, a team fixes bugs and other code errors that were found on the previous stage. The final stage of the development process is an app launching. After the work on a project is completed, Appster continues providing support and post launching optimization.


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    I have a meeting with appste July 26 2016.
    Have heard some good a few bad so I’ll let you know how it goes after that. My idea is a real life game mobile app. So being as veg as possible here. But at least everyone knows I’m meeting with them and what the idea is about. So we’ll see. Thanks

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    My friend recommended me this company and told they are good specialists in what they do. I didn’t hesitate and decided using their services. But at the end of my project I really regretted. They did all the work on time, but it didn’t meet all the requirements I set in front of them. I was angry with them and found another company, which did everything well for me.

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      Hi..who was the second company that completedoes your app. I’m new to this app development process and seeking anything to prepare myself. Thanks

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    • Reviews App Developers


      I am sorry that your expectations were not met. Is there something that I can help you with? Drop me a line and we shall discuss. Thanks.

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    Worst app company. Use them if you want an unscalable prouduct and want to throw money away.

    Appster has good marketing – that’s it.

    They are slow, unskilled, and build things that fall over under any kind of scale.

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    • Reviews App Developers


      I am sorry that you were not satisfied with the app. I am just wondering if I can help you with anything. Drop me a line and we shall discuss.

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