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Development process

Presentation of the first iPhone awakened thousands of talents among young creative people. Development of useful and practical programs – mobile apps – for a new popular device was a chance to earn money and reach success if you had ideas and persistence. Among those talented people were the founders of Arctouch – Eric Shapiro and Adam Fingerman.

They started an mobile app company, which can be considered as quite successful nowadays. The team has been growing and the number of satisfied clients increasing around the world. More talents and skills have joined Arctouch and experience makes the firm really competitive.

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Eric and Adam discovered simple truth: business is about connections. For this reason, Arctouch creates apps that are aimed at strengthening connections between the customer-company and its own connections with its customers. The app experience is to be attractive, useful and convenient. Our work is to create it exactly this way.

Clients use their personal devices – mobile phones. This is a reason to make an app perfect for the personal device. We take this detail into account. We do our best to provide you with the high quality product.

Apps done: 70


  • budget Min Budget $ 25,000+
  • cost $150 - $199 per hour
  • employers 50-249 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2008
  • location San Francisco, USA
  • Calculate

Industry expertise:

Arctouch Services

A list of technological devices we work with is quite long. The main categories are: tablets and phones (Blackberry, iOS, Windows and Android), TV platforms (Apple and Fire TV, Chromecast and Android), watches and wearables (such as Apple Watch, Pebble, Olio, Google Glass, Google Cardboard, Google Gear and Samsung VR) and even cars and homes (such as Honeywell TotalConnect,  Phillips Hue, Mycrosoft Sync, Google Brillo, Apple HomeKit, and Apple CarPlay)

We offer a wide range of interconnected services that make our customers’ experience memorable and wonderful. The services include creating of a mobile strategy, future design, app development and subsequent app maintenance.

Mobile Strategy

When we meet you, we investigate you, namely the business you want an app for. This step gives us the ability to identify the best way we can fulfill your expectations and make the product as efficient as possible. We apply your ideas to the reality.

Mobile Design

Design is of great importance because it creates your customers’ experience and it should be wonderful. We do our best to create engaging, convenient and friendly design, which corresponds with your audience.

App Engineering

Development of a new app is a complicated process, which starts from a simple plan and ends with a range of tests in order to reassure that everything works well. We work not only with phones and tablets but also with the wearables and the Internet of Things and our customers enjoy the product they purchase.

Guarantee of Maintenance

Purchasing an app is not the end. It should keep fixed and updated and this part of business development should not make you worried. This is our work and we will stay in touch in order to look after your app with love.

Arctouch Development Process

App development is about cooperation. Arctouch team usually works side-by-side with the customer’s team, so that both teams monitor the process of app development and contribute to it. This is the best way to reach high quality and make the product which meets business needs of a customer.

Arctouch development process allows the customer to monitor and show the whole process through videos, screencasts and tests, so that we are ready to take into account your comments anytime you leave them.

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    We are a non-profit organization that works with talented children. We needed a mobile app to share our latest news and daily schedule among the organization members and those ones who are interested in our activity. Developing a mobile app for us was a little bit troublesome, because we had a very scarce budget. ArcTouch agreed to create an application for us for a very modest sum of money. Though the quality of the software was excellent, the company required a bigger fee for its services than it was determined in the contract.

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