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Development process
Enola Labs is an American company which creates digital products both for the web and mobile devices. They use the latest technologies to produce business solutions for various companies. They work with clients of different level, beginning with those who only started working and up to those who already entered the list of the Fortune 500. They put great attention to representing only the most worthy products, in due time and for the available budget. These results will be easier to get in case if the company has a group of experts working together on the permanent basis. The experts of the company can work with javascript, iOS, and Android platforms. They also can work with different servers and structures. As a result, they suggest services which can satisfy any clients’ desire no matter how difficult it can be.
Apps done: 70


  • budget Min Budget: No Data
  • cost $100 - $149 per hour
  • employers 50-249 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2012
  • location Austin, USA
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Industry expertise:

Enola Labs Services

Enola Labs will help its clients with any process from the very beginning of the idea and until its selling. It will include strategy, UX/UI design, architecture, QA, deployment and further marketing.

Another important advantage of the company is that they have already operated for different areas of business. They have created tools for finance and government, for healthcare and education and for numerous other business areas.

Enola Labs operates with all the data about the company: their aims, budget, organization system any many other features. In case if the company also needs to make improvements in their previous products they should inform the team and the product will be improved.

No matter how difficult the challenge is Enola Labs has such great experience in producing software or other products that they will definitely manage. Moreover, all the products will have results oriented for future successful usage without exceptions.

Enola Labs Development Process

There are 4 main stages of the development process which are as follows:
  1. The architecture specialists work to assure correspondence between the aims of the company and their practical fulfillment. Each order will get the most suitable functions and design.
  2. The engineers of the company produce only high-quality and easy-to-use products as these characteristics involve the best response. They operate both front-end and back-end development.
  3. The specialists in innovation processes can both create completely new products and make changes to the already existing one.
  4. The specialists in marketing hold the detailed analysis of the market. They check offers of the competitors, analyze software, prepare the product for the deployment and organize all the other necessary marketing steps.
In total, you can see that all the development process assures the quality of work on each stage of the working process. If you want to read more information about Enola Labs you can visit their website http://www.enolalabs.com and see samples of their previous projects, their team of experts and other facts. Read More
In relation to the development process Enola Labs would suggest its 5 strongest sides:
  1. 1. The Architecture Team combines architecture of business, its technical and solution sides, and assures correspondence of the clients’ tactical purposes and their practical execution. Since all the experts of the company have experience in various areas, every case of the clients will be provided with the most appropriate design and functionality.
  2. The Process Team of experts prefers to orient on quality during all the process of work. They don’t expect to get it only in the end.
  3. The Engineering Team has rich experience in Front- and Back-End Development both for iOS and Android. They produce easy-to-use products which usually have higher implementation levels.
  4. The Innovation Team can work both on the improvement of the previous products of the clients and create completely new technologies. Even if their clients need to create something practically impossible they accept the task and generate the most creative solutions.
  5. The Marketing Team of the company is strong in competitive analysis, software analysis, constructing of road maps for new strategies, launch or optimization of the product and other marketing needs. They can cover all these issues from the idea and until implementation.
  6. To find more information about the company, you can look through their website http://www.enolalabs.com. You will find there samples of their previous projects, their team and their development process in details.

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