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Development process

EsecForte is a Global Consulting and IT Services firm with specialization in Mobile App Development, IT outsourcing, Business Consulting, Process Improvements and Information Security. We have handpicked a team of qualified consultants and talented developers, who have a great experience of working in this field and bringing efficient solutions to the clients. Our aim is to provide every customer’s organization with success and growth and help our customers to reach their business goals.

Years of experience and hundreds of orders provided us with skills and knowledge and made us capable of creating wonderful, outstanding services. Business growth and profit-oriented results are things every organization is looking for while EsecForte is a company, which can make these dreams come true.

Apps done: 40


  • budget Min Budget: No Data
  • cost $100 - $149 per hour
  • employers 11-50 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2010
  • location New Delhi, India
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Industry expertise:

EsecForte Services

We will do our best to bring you ahead of your competitors. Technology enables us to be more efficient that the others are.

We know that technology change often concerns business owners because it offers new opportunities and new competitors. However, we think that right usage of opportunities helps to stay ahead of all the competitors and we are here to help you to use technology correctly. We have handpicked a great team, which has gained experience with hundreds of orders during years of our existence. We pay attention to relationships with customers and our customer support is always friendly and polite. The service is flexible and innovative and we are always open to new ideas. Our talent and creativity, skills and experience are at your disposal. We will provide you with business growth.

EsecForte Development Process

  • We get familiar to the customer and customer’s business, analyze it and work out a strategy that will help to prevent difficulties and make app development as efficient as possible.
  • Strategy turns into a framework in the form of wireframes. At this stage, we discuss all the details with the customer in order to outline the final plan.
  • We follow the UI/UX Trends in design and bring the latest trends to life. We are passionate about good design and our customers know this.
  • Customer monitors and controls, we – code and program. It’s time to develop!
  • Quality Assurance. The Beta Version is ready and we test it in as many ways as we can. We want everything to work well.
  • Submitting an app to the store requires time and effort. We usually complete this step ourselves, instead of our customers.
  • Further Support. The next three months after launch our customer has nothing to worry about. All the bug fixes and updates are our concern.


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    If you want to cooperate with this company, be ready to spend more money, than you have planned. We have discussed the budget and approved it, but the final figures appeared to be different. So that we had to pay the double price without any explanation of the reasons. We do not cooperate with EsecForte anymore.

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      Is the app working well for you and your customers? Do let me know if I can help out. Thanks.

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