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Development process

Intellectsoft is a company which provides software services including both web and mobile solutions. The clients who use our services vary from large enterprises to startups. Intellectsoft has been providing its services since 2007 and has already helped more than 300 clients to achieve success due to its software solutions. The company has a team of 200 business strategists, developers, analytics, and technology professionals who work in 7 offices located worldwide. They provide constant support to Intellectsoft clients and are ready to assist at any level of a project development.

Intellectsoft specializes on the development of applications for Windows, iOS, Android, and HTML5 as well as ERP and CRM suites. The company is also able to help those clients who require marketing, integration, and other software solutions to improve their product competitiveness in the market.

Apps done: 110+


  • budget Min Budget $ 25,000+
  • cost $50 - $99 per hour
  • employers 50-249 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2007
  • location Palo Alto, USA
  • Calculate

Industry expertise:

Intellectsoft Services

Today mobile apps play the same role as websites did in 1990s. Applications provide a unique opportunity to improve your business, and our company will guide you in the world of digital technologies. Intellectsoft has completed more than 250 mobile applications since 2007. Our team of professionals works on such popular platforms as iOS, Windows Phone, Android, HTML5 and hybrid. Intellectsoft is the company able to assist well-known brand enterprises and startups which has just begun their trip in a world of mobile technologies. Due to our dedicative team, you will receive a quality product which will become a vital component of your marketing plan.

Our clients receive a full specter of services. We provide the following mobile development application services:

  • Business process design
  • Interface design
  • System integration
  • Testing
  • Requirements documentation

Our clients also have an opportunity to receive a consultation from our mobile solution specialist which helps to find new ways for the clients to:

  • Secure digital content
  • Integrate systems
  • Improve processes and efficiency
  • Harness big data
  • Receive new commercial opportunities

Intellectsoft will help you to turn your idea or a small business into the next big thing. Mobile technologies might be challenging, but we know how to make them simple. Intellectsoft is your loyal partner that will help your idea to evolve into a fast-growing and profitable business. The company’s approach includes the development of websites as well as mobile and gaming applications. We also help you to promote your product and make it popular for masses.

App development process is a complex process which consists of many steps. We will discuss every step with you to achieve the result that will make your business grow. We are professionals in such spheres as web development, mobile app development, game development, design development, and mobile market promotion.

Once your app is launched, it requires further control, fixing, and updates. Intellectsoft maintains working on your app’s optimization to improve an app’s stability and functionality.

Our support team provides assistance with complex platforms, applications, and other development issues. The services provided by our department include the following:

  • Testing, monitoring, and repairs
  • Transitions and updates
  • System performance turning
  • System scaling
  • Realizing and deployment management
  • Client support

You may consult our support expert to receive an answer regarding such issues:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Monitoring and management of app’s performance
  • Assessment and audit applications
  • Development of test plans and QA strategies
  • Management of application’s transitions
  • Maintaining and enhancing applications

Intellectsoft Development Process

Intellectsoft provides alpha and beta versions of the product to ensure its clients that an application performs all functions as expected. The entire process of app development consists of the following stages:

1. Analysis and Research. 2. Demonstration of a functional prototype. 3. Planning of project’s scope, cost, and timeline. 4. Presentation of graphic design. 5. Application Development. 6. Testing. 7. Deployment. 8. Support and improvement.

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