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Development process

Metova was founded in 2006 when mobile app development environments was rapidly getting in demand. We started from working with BlackBerry and this partnership gave us job, experience and skills. During two years Metova faced critical changes.

In 2012 new changes took place. The company was bought by another one – A4 Solutions. A4 Solutions was a small company, working in the sphere of information technology services for the government. The union had a lot of advantages for both of the companies because it expanded their clientele. After merging, the company was named Metova Federal but Metova’s initial commercial branch remained Metova Inc.

Nowadays Metova’s team consists of more than 150 employees, who work on strategies, design, app development, quality analysis and customer support. The experts were handpicked thoroughly, so that its members are always ready to learn something new and master necessary skills. Learning new is extremely important in the world of technologies. We have been working on Android, iOS and BlackBerry since their appearance in the world, so that we have a lot of experience in app development. The modern apps require usage of databases and our developers have mastered Ruby on Rails for these purposes.

Apps done: 20


  • budget Min Budget $ 60,000+
  • cost $100 - $149 per hour
  • employers 10-49 employers
  • foundation Founded in 1998
  • location San Francisco, USA
  • Calculate

Industry expertise:

Metova Services

A range of our services includes 4 main categories:

  • Web Apps Development. Every developed app is impossible without a web component. Indeed, we have developed APIs, company presence websites, administrative portals, content management systems and usual web apps.
  • Android App Development. We know what to do when a customer wants an app for smartphones and tablets on Android. Metova has experience of developing apps for some of the largest companies in the world and we will cope with your order and provide you with the best possible solution.
  • iOS App Development. App development for iPhones and iPads is extremely popular. Nearly half of all the orders are related to the app development on iOS. We have a great team which provides every single customer with wonderful apps that work well and catch attention of the potential clients.
  • Windows App Development. This kind of app development can be done by Metova, too. There is a group of developers on our team who work on Windows and are ready to bring your ideas to life.

Our services are quite diverse and we hope that our customers enjoy this aspect.

Metova Development Process

We develop an app in a few steps. Here is their sequence:

  1. Strategy development. Yes, mobile development of an app starts from development of a business strategy, appropriate for an exact customer and its business needs. The right start is of great importance.
  2. Design. Before coding, we discuss design of a future app with a customer, so that the interface will combine functionality and attractive design as perfectly as possible.
  3. Development. App development is solely a technical step, where our creative and skilled developer code and program.
  4. Testing. What has been coded, needs to be tested. Quality analysis is necessary and we carry out this step thoroughly.
  5. Training. We are always glad to teach and train talented young people who are passionate about coding, programming, cybersecurity. So, give us your coder and we will return him or her with great experience and knowledge of your business aspects.
  6. Support. After launch of an app, it is still necessary to fix small bugs and keep the app updated. We maintain our apps and always support our dear customer

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