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Development process

Business Strategies and Models. Customer Acquisition. Sustainability and Development.

Mobiversal is a firm which provides customers with app development services. We possess offices in countries all over the world and offer a wide range of efficient business development strategies, business modeling and app creation.

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  • cost $25 - $49 per hour
  • employers 10-49 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2011
  • location Oradea, Romania
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Industry expertise:

Mobiversal Services

Mobiversal is about high quality services:

  • A Strategy. The best beginning is a strategy – well-considered and efficient. Just give us an idea and we will embody it.
  • Mobile Design. Thoroughly crafted, unique and attractive – all these adjectives are about the mobile design we create.
  • App Development. Except thinking over the strategy and the design, we work on app development and it doesn’t matter whether you pursue entertainment or business goals.
  • Server Backends. A created app is not alone, as we think that every customer deserves not only an outstanding app but a nice server backend.
  • Publishing. Sooner or later time to publish an app comes. This boring process requires time and we are going to spare your time by publishing an app by ourselves.
  • A Wonderful Website. We design wonderful websites and microsites that supplement a new app perfectly.

Mobiversal Development Process

Getting to Know the Client

Productivity apps are our passion and we do our best to create apps that fulfill the customer’s expectations and meet requirements. For this reason, we pay a lot of attention to identifying customer’s main business goals and outlining the most efficient ways to overcome possible difficulties.

A Preliminary Plan

We use wireframes to represent the way we see an app to the customer. A preliminary plan includes a set of features that will be supported by the app and how they interact with each other.


We know that this is design what makes the first impression. Wonderful and memorable design, which corresponds with the purpose of our customer – we can create it and we create it.

Development Process

So, when all the preliminary issues are solved, we start working hard on the app. As the development process consists of steps, related to the features, a customer has the ability to check every step and express own opinion, which we will take into account.


Our team does not only develop an app, we check it on every stage of its development in order to provide as high quality as possible.

Publishing an App

After creating and testing a Beta Build in the previous step, we offer you to submit your new app to the stores by yourselves or to leave this task for us. Support

We do not leave our customers without support and guarantee. As you receive a product, you have three month guarantee that we will keep the product updated and fix all the bugs.


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    Dear Mobiversal team, unfortunately, I have nothing positive to say. We expected professional attitude knowing that you’ve been running your company for about five years. But apparently that experience wasn’t enough for you to realize what it means to be customer-oriented. What you did for us was a considerable waste of time and money. Almost none of the expectations were fulfilled. Sad. Very sad.

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      Sorry you felt sad about the experience. Is there anything I can help you with? Please drop me a line on my email id. Thanks.

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