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Development process
We at OpenXCell call ourselves pioneers in the sphere of mobile web development services. We did not just observe, we created history of mobile development and our experienced and skilled team is considered one of the best in this market. We managed to set a benchmark in developing wonderful apps and we do everything to save this position. Design and app development are only a part of a full-fledged service. Our team provides every customer with an individual marketing strategy as well as with the quality control. Customer support and satisfaction with the services we offer are of great importance to us. Read More
It is impossible to separate app development from web development in the modern world of technology and Internet. Therefore our company consists of people who are passionate about both ‘types’ of development and create web apps that run across different platforms. Our personal struggles to become the best, so that we improve service and take into account every feedback, comment, wish and requirement of our customers.
Apps done: 98


  • budget Min Budget $ 10,000+
  • cost <25 per hour
  • employers 50-249 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2008
  • location Ahmedabad, India
  • Calculate

Industry expertise:

OpenXcell Services

Our customers can try a number of services, including:
  • Game Design and Development
  • App and Software Development (mobile and web apps, custom software)
  • Business Optimization (website, branding, conversion – it doesn’t matter)
  • eCommerce and Retail
  • Enterprise Content Management System
You can be sure in quality of our services due to the testing of the product and experience of the mobile company.

OpenXcell Development Process

Development Process includes 7 stages:
  1. Investigation. Mobile app development for business and ecommerce need requires investigation of this business, analysis of its weaknesses and strong sides as well as of its owner’s plans and purposes. We conduct this analysis and provide a customer with the results in order to plan the future app together. We want it to be efficient and therefore take into account all the details of the business.
  2. App Framework. Before starting the development process, we create a skeletal framework for the app and show it to the customer. On this stage we find balance between functionality, design and efficiency.
  3. Design. Visualization of offers and functions is what impresses the potential customer. We do our best to make the design as attractive and convenient as possible.
  4. App Development. This step is quite technical but the customer still can control it. We will take into account every customer’s comment, correction and wish.
  5. Beta Version. Before the launch of an app, it is to be tested thoroughly. Bugs can spoil the best idea, so we pay attention to several stages of testing the Beta Build.
  6. Launch. After completing the Beta Build stage, a new app can be published on the app stores. We can complete this step or a customer can do it him- or herself.
  7. Guarantee. We provide every customer with a three month guarantee and look after the app during these three months. During this period of time, small bug fixes and updates are not the customer’s concern.

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