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Development process

The story began in 1998 when 18-year-old Robert Patrick tried consulting and creating software for companies. This occupation appeared quite beneficial, so that the boy founded a company called PhD Computing Inc. which worked with such companies as ADP and Experian. App development itself appeared to be not as useful as its combination with a range of other services. For this reason, Robert paid attention to Organic Sales – a company working in mobile app development and management. The company had Toyota and Transamerica among its customers and accepted partnership with PhD Computing Inc. In 2011 these two blooming companies merged.

Redesign led to creation of a new company – PhD Labs which is assessed and ranked on Best Web Design Agencies and High quality services and talented mobile developers brought us to the top of the ranking and we do our best to prove this place.

Apps done: 140


  • budget Min Budget: No Data
  • cost $100 - $149 per hour
  • employers 50-999 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2006
  • location Irvine, USA
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Industry expertise:

PhD Labs Services

Innovation inspired us and desire to master new skills made us indispensable. We started in 1990’s and still offer custom software and web development. Here is what we do:

  • Web App Development. Successful web apps bring attention and profit to their owners. PhD Labs is proud to be among the best web developers in the world. We have been working with some of the largest companies ever as well as with the small startups.
  • Mobile App Development. Mobile apps are about ideas. Customers usually have the ideas but these ideas are to be modified. We make a simple idea unique and do our best to combine functionality, convenience and great design in the app which bring the idea to life.
  • App Marketing. Creating an outstanding app is just a half of the way. The app has to become popular or it will stay unnoticed in spite of its brilliance. We have experience in promoting an app in social platforms and our customers are always satisfied with the result.

PhD Labs Development Process

Our development process has been worked out during the years of completing orders for the companies of different sizes and with different needs. The process consists of three steps and it has proven its efficiency and reliability.

  1. A Plan. Everything starts from an idea, which turns into a plan, which turns into a strategy. This is the first step in a nutshell. Our experts carries out analysis of the customer’s business and finds the best way to combine the customer’s idea with the business needs and with the newest technologies. The customer takes part in every stage of outlining a plan.
  2. Development. Development itself is just a second step. It consists of coding, programming and testing. This step is about technical aspects, skills and experience of our team and control of quality.
  3. Launching. Launching an app appears to be an uneasy task. There are a lot of secrets of successful building and launch and we are familiar to them, so that our customers don’t suffer from problems with submitting a software on the apps store.

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