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Development process

WillowTree is an mobile design and app development company which provides app creating services for all platforms including emerging technologies. This company has a wide range of services such as cloud integration, design, development, strategy, and promotion on the market. WillowTree is able to satisfy the needs of both small and large businesses. The company also has a special offer for eCommerce and enterprises firms.

Apps done: 80


  • budget Min Budget $ 100,000+
  • cost $50 - $99 per hour
  • employers 50-249 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2007
  • location Charlottesville, USA
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Industry expertise:

WillowTree Apps Services

Why to choose WillowTree Company WillowTree is a team of designers which is able to create and develop applications quick and on time. The services provided by WillowTree include assistance with creating the initial ideas, mock up of the future app, mobile design, mobile strategy and business redesign solutions. Once the project has been started, the team analyzes user experience and interference to ensure that app is user friendly. This initial step lets the team of developer to move forward and work on other important aspects such as branding, specific features, colors, and general style. The developers team takes a client’s idea and creates an app that will work on such popular platforms as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. Our goal is to create an app which can be run on any device whether it is a phone or PC. Our development team also provides responsive versions of a future app for a client to see how it works on different devices. Our security integration will help you to protect your business and your users’ devices while using an app. WillowTree offers direct integration for cloud services and API with management. Read More
We know how to provide fast and quality services for ecommerce and large enterprises. Our team of develops has rich experience in developing apps for large-scale stores that are able to support thousands of users. Due to cloud communication, our clients have an opportunity to create a web or an app version of their store or business and provide communications with users via an app. After an app is launched, our clients do not have a need to search for a third party company that would provide marketing services or further app optimization. WillowTree ‘s package of services includes marketing, analytics, and long-term management. Nevertheless, our clients may always choose to skip all these additional services if they have their own marketing team. WillowTree has experience in cooperation with small enterprises as well. The large variety of functions and features that the company offers to its clients will suit a business of any size. WillowTree guarantees high level quality service and apps security for its clients.
  • iOS Development
We analyze strengths and weaknesses of every iOS platform and find an appropriate solution for iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, and Apple TV.
  • Android Development
We have rich experience in Android application development and know how to provide a secure, highly-performed, and efficient solution.
  • Xamarin Development
We combine our knowledge about app development with Xamarin platform to create an app that will perform and look like a native one.
  • Web App Development
Our web app development team creates apps that are functional almost across all platforms and every device.
  • UX Strategy
We will help you to receive full answers to the most crucial questions that interest you about app development process.
  • UX Design
We create apps that have an attractive design and are simple in navigation.
  • Security and Compliance
We know how business data is important for our clients. We provide mobile security to ensure that your business is safe and well protected.
  • Mobile Backend Engineering
Our API architects engineer server-side solutions will meet all your needs and requirements.
  • Analytics
Our analytics team ensures that you will receive all necessary data about your project.

WillowTree Apps Development Process

Today, in the world of mobile app development, the mobile market is overloaded by various applications. To ensure that your app will be visible among the mass of others and competitive enough to reach the top of mobile market, you will need to follow the mobile app development strategy. A successful mobile app consists of 7 steps:
  1. You have to clearly describe an app you want and the functions it should perform. Our development team will help you with this important task.
  2. Sketch it out. At this stage, you should define the users’ flow and interaction with an app.
  3. Design.Our team of designers will help you to create an attractive and user-friendly design for your app.
  4. Development process. At this stage, when all necessary preparations are completed, begins the development of your app.
  5. Once an app is created, our team provides a number of tests to ensure that a new app performs all its functions perfectly.
  6. After tests, we fix the discovered errors and bugs and give an app the final touch.
  7. Your app is submitted to an app store and now you may start receiving profit from it.

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