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Development process

[x]cube LABS is the leader in the market of app development. This company has produced over 600 apps for large, medium-sized companies, and startups. [x]cube LABS was also a choice of several Fortune 500 companies and helped them gain success due to the quality of its services. [x]cube LABS has won several awards for app development and is considered to be one of the best app developers in the world. The company states to be more than just an app developer because it offers solutions to its clients and helps them to solve problems during the development process and after the launch of a project.

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As a leader in the market of app innovations, [x]cube LABS invests a lot into research and development of new technologies which will help its clients to achieve even greater success. The strong technical competence, a solid team of professionals in app development and global presence makes [x]cube LABS a company which provides mobile solutions all over the world, invests in app innovations and helps its clients to receive a significant advantage in the market.

Apps done: 60


  • budget Min Budget $ 10,000+
  • cost $25 - $49 per hour
  • employers 50-249 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2008
  • location Dallas, USA
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Industry expertise:

XCubeLabs Services

Digital Transformation

We provide digital consulting and innovative strategies which allow products to become leaders among their competitors in the market. We have cooperated with many Fortune 100 businesses and startups and have successfully delivered digital initiatives. [x]cube LABS can become your loyal partner and help your business to enter a digital world.


We provide digital solutions which help our customers to receive new opportunities for their business development. Our company listens to our customers’ needs and helps to create a constantly evolving product which will lead a business onto a forefront of a digital world.


We like gaming and it has become our strong side. We are able to offer 100 plug-n-play solutions for our customers.


We know everything about mobile and applications. We created over 700 applications for different platforms which brought more than 2 billion dollars revenue for our clients. Due to our cooperation, some of the biggest companies were able to achieve significant success in a digital world.

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Mobile has made a revolution in marketing. Mobile devices have armed a marketer with incredible opportunities. They may receive information about everything: location, context, and even personalized data. At our company, we will help you to increase app downloads and lead your marketing to a new level of development.


Today mobile and cloud are two leading technologies in the market. We provide a wide specter of cloud computing services to our clients. Among them are cloud development strategy, building internet platforms, effective scalability, cloud migration and high level of customers’ engagement.


We know design more than others. Our design team has received numerous awards for their achievements and contribution they made in the development of this sphere. We have rich experience and want to provide the best design solutions for our clients.

Cross Platform

[x]cube LABS provides strategies that help you receive a smart multi-platform solution for your application. We know how to provide an effective cross-platform app development and satisfy your users and business needs.


Wearables are an innovation in a digital world. We provide a wide spectrum of wearables app services which help to develop a product that will be functional on Google Glass, Smart Watch, Smart clothing and others. Our services will grant you an opportunity to get to the top of digital market.

Testing We test a product on real devices to ensure its functionality and clickability. Our testing team makes performance and compliance testing to provide a quality product to our clients which corresponds to all initial requirements.

Business Process Management

Due to our business process management strategy, our company is able to provide more responsive assistance to clients. Our transformative approach helps our clients to promote their businesses on a new level of digital development.

Device Integration

We help our clients to improve their businesses with our mobile integration strategy. Innovation and transformation of mobile apps with external hardware open new opportunities which make them more powerful and demanded in the market.

Content Management

Due to our content management system, our clients receive solutions that help to create, manage, and store content more effectively. Our team will provide you with a proper strategy that improves your digital operations and makes them more efficient.


Large companies always have large amounts of data. [x]cube LABS will help you to analyze your data to identify hidden opportunities. We have rich experience working with large corporations across different industries. We know how to discover new opportunities which show your company a new way for development and improvement.

Internet of Things

Our company provides numerous Internet solutions which will stimulate your company’s growth, make it innovative and help to achieve operational efficiency. [x]cube LABS knows how to connect cars, homes, and enterprises and use the received advantage optimally.

Smart TV

Today home entertainment has changed a lot under the influence of smart TV and apps. Due to our innovative smart TV services which range across Apple TV, Android TV, Philips, and Sony we will place your business on the top of home entertainment.

XCubeLabs Development Process

[x]cube LABS provides alpha and beta versions of applications to its clients. The company wants to ensure the client that the product corresponds to all requirements and it is able to perform all the necessary functions.

The project development process is divided into several steps, they are the following:

  1. Research and Analysis.
  2. Demonstration of a clickable prototype.
  3. Project planning: all stages of the development process, costs, and deadline.
  4. Presentation of graphic design.
  5. Application Development.
  6. Testing.
  7. Deployment.
  8. Support and updates.

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