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Development process

Yalantis is a team of professionals developing applications for iOS and Android. It provides services to all types of businesses: small, medium and even startups. The company is well-known all over the world; it has clients in New York, Berlin, Silicon Valley, Oslo, Kiev and Copenhagen. Yalantis’ services include development of graphic functionality for iOS and Android devices as well as development of audio, video and various wearables for its clients. The company’s success and high reputation among clients lie in Yalantis’s customer-oriented approach and for user-friendly interface. Yalantis offers quality mobile solutions to help its clients in achieving the best results.

Apps done: 75


  • budget Min Budget $ 10,000+
  • cost $25 - $49 per hour
  • employers 50-249 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2008
  • location Dnipro, Ukraine
  • Calculate

Industry expertise:

Yalantis Services

Yalantis knows everything about app development. Our skillful professionals are masters in every step of this process: strategy, design, and development.

Strategy: We develop strategies that help Yalantis’s app solutions to have advantage over competitors. Benchmarkin:

We use SWOT analysis to identify a product’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The received result helps us to find the best solutions for your app and improve its performance.

Product Definitio:

Product definition is necessary to make an app understandable and clear to a user. Definition of an app includes a proper name and a description of a product on App Store and Google Play Store. A right definition also explains advantages of an app and explains why it is better than other similar apps.

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User Acquisition Strateg:

Yalantis provides an action plan for its clients so they can access a user base after their application is launched. An action plan consists of such user acquisition tactics as viral marketing, PR, social media marketing and hacking possibility.

Target Market Analysi:

Target market analysis is necessary to identify the intended users who will use a new application.  Besides, it also helps to determine the best ways of app promotion and methods that will help to target the required users.

Determining KPI:

KPIs is the key performing indicators which inform about the success of an application and whether it achieves the targeted goals. Yalantis determines KPIs basing on the product’s goals and develops features that help to achieve these goals. This way, we receive the required results and build success.

User Retention Strateg:

The improvement of an app depends a lot on user retention strategy. Our goal is to create personalized relationships with users via various communication channels such as social media, push notifications, and email.


First and foremost, Yalantis thinks about people who will use a product. The company tries to create an app with an elegant design which will underline the advantages of a product and make it pleasant in usage. The user-centered approach helps to produce a commercially competitive product which successes in the market.

Competitive Audi:

Yalantis uses competitive audit to identify an app’s opportunities in the market. We also research the current trends and apply the received results in the development process. Competitive audit helps us to provide better app development service and provide a product’s improvement.

Information Architectur:

Graphical models are required for better product understanding and the user’s needs. We visualize market analysis and business requirements in a form of a mind map to see the full picture. Diagrams and user stories provide additional information that is used for app’s development.

Graphic Design:

Yalantis believes that visual design is a means of communication with users. An app’s interface should guide a user through an app and explain how it works. We believe that user interface should be developed in accordance with design principles and new technologies and we can provide this service to our clients.

User Researc:

We make user research to understand the user behavior, motivation, and choice. Due to this research we receive trustworthy information about users’ preferences and needs.

UX and Interaction Desig:

Before launching an app we create a functional prototype which simulates a future app. This prototype looks and works the way an app should. Interactive prototypes are necessary to test an app and analyze its strong and weak sides before we complete the final design and end the development work.

Usability Testin:

We test an app during all stages of the development process to have an opportunity to add new ideas and solutions at any time. Then we send the results to our clients and discuss the possible improvements and solutions.  The development process lasts as long as needed to satisfy all clients’ preferences and wishes about an app.


Yalantis offers app development service for iOS and Android. The company produces user-oriented mobile applications which correspond to current technical and design requirements.

Project Planning:

We start working on a new app with the principle of Minimum Viable Product. This concept helps to receive a draft of an app development roadmap. MVP is comparatively cheap and quick method which allows testing an app in the very beginning of the development process.

API Design:

We use RESTful API to meet all clients’ requirements and complete work on time. Quality Assurance:

Our quality control ensures that an app is totally functional and satisfies the business requirements. We ensure that an app is bug-free and does not contain any errors in code.

Product Enhancement:

We ensure that our products continue their growth and development even after they have been released. Yalantis provides app development service to achieve the highest result in mobile solutions.

iOS and Android App Development:

Our development process is usually divided into repeated circles which we called iterations. Each iteration focuses on a certain piece of product’s functionality and usually lasts about two weeks. During all stages of iterations we specify product’s requirements, improve design, test a product and provide final deployment.

Admin Panel Development:

We use a unique admin panel which includes user management to provide control over users’ content and receive detailed analytics about product’s development.

Support and Updates:

Mobile sphere is constantly changing, growing, and improving. That’s why Yalantis is always working on new updates and fixing bugs to be competitive on the market and to provide constant support to its clients.

Yalantis Development Process

At Yalantis, an app development roadmap consists of five steps:
  1. Within the first step, the client provides the background information about the required application. The company receives information about an idea of a new app, desired features, supported devices and terms of collaboration. After that the approximate time and cost required for a product implementation are discussed. The company and the clients also specify a project’s feasibility, potential improvements and other issues.
  2. The second step is a project planning which includes such elements as a project plan, technical requirements, user stories, wireframes and basic design as well as detailed estimation.
  3. The third step is a project development. Many important processes take place at this stage. Yalantis professionals have to test a prototype based on its productivity, scalability, flexibility, visibility, and transparency. They also fix bugs, provide iteration report and consider the clients’ feedback.
  4. The fourth step is release of a product.
  5. The fifth step is support and updates. Yalantis continues its work even after the product has been released. The company provides product updates and continues working on the product’s design and software improvement.

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