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Development process

This Agriya review will give a closer look at the Indian company engaged in mobile and web development.

The company was established 17 years ago. The headquarters of Agriya is located in Chennai, the south part of India. The company has two large offices across the country with 150 professionals engaged in its activity. The company is still growing and makes sure all of them constantly improve their skills and knowledge. For the years of work and excellent products they develop Agriya was certified by the International Organization for standardization, and Dubai Accreditation Center.

In this review we will speak about the key strengths of the company, and they are as follows:

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Professional competency: the team never misses a chance to improve their skills, master new technologies appearing in the market. Such approach allows them to be always aware of the latest discoveries and choose the most efficient to apply in work.

Customer oriented promotional support: these guys do what they enjoy and what they are experienced in. They help clients build productive business with the help of Internet marketing tools. They cultivate quality, service and deadline. And they will do their best to turn your ideas into excellent results.

Perfect job performance: at  they always produce top quality products which are an integral part of the general idea of the company. No matter of the requirements to the product or the scope of work, their clients never doubt in the quality of the deliverables.

Business expertise: at Agriya they give their full attention to each project.  They believe that only taking into account client’s ideas, vision and demands it is possible to create a product that meets client’s expectations and works for growing their business.

Apps done: 45


  • budget Min Budget: No Data
  • cost < $25 per hour
  • employers 50-249 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2000
  • location Chennai, India
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Industry expertise:

Agriya Services

Not all Agriya reviews that can be found in the web provide a detailed description of the full menu of services the company provides.  But in this Agriya review you will find everything that might interest you about the services rendered with no need to go to

The team of the company are experts in developing mobile apps for most popular mobile platforms like Android, Windows and iOS. And their apps are always attractive and keep users glued to their screens.

This Indian company realize their clients entrust them with the future of their business. This is why at Agriya they always apply individual creative approach. Of course, from this review one may see the company reinvents the wheel, which is actually true. But what distinguishes their wheel is its refinement, completeness, high output.

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  • Mobile App Development

Development of apps for iOS: the apps for iPhone the company creates are unique in all aspects. For their creation are used Swift, Xcode and Objective-C technologies.

Development of apps for Windows: to develop high-quality, functional apps the Agriya team knows how to use C++, C# and VB.

Development of apps for Android: professionals of the company know the necessary programming languages to develop for Android. The deliverables are always beneficial for clients.

Cross platform development: if a customer wants his app working on any platforms, at customer’s wish is their command. They have years of experience of developing successful hybrid applications.

  •  Front End Development

As it is stated in Agriya reviews, the company utilizes best present-day technologies for developing front end interactions for sites. The company’s front-end developers work at the creation of the section of the website intended for users. They know how to transfer customer’s most extravagant ideas into attractive interface.

  • Back End Development  can be hardly beaten by their competitors in back-end development skills. The company delivers programming solutions for websites and mobile applications that are excellent in every detail. They use java, Python, PHP, Ruby/Rails, etc. to develop best suitable products.

  • SaaS Application Development

SaaS refers to cloud technologies allowing a large group of users gets access to a single core of the service in real time via the Internet, lots of information can be stored there. Client does not buy it, but contributes a subscriber free for using it. Taking into account Agriya reviews, it can be concluded that among company’s employees there are people who can render such top-quality, cost-effective and simple to operate service.

  • Hire a Dedicated Developer Service

The company gathered the best specialists in Indian market of high information technologies, whose developments are used to ensure growth of customer’s business.  The success of the team lies with the common desire to create innovative products.

  • Internet / Digital Marketing

Agriya helps promoting client’s business online by putting it in top result in search engines, giving result guarantee, finical affordability of service.

  • Quality Assurance and Testing

What makes their product stand and their flawless operation is multiple testing and quality assurances. Reliable testing tools are used to deliver high-quality service.

  • Maintenance and Customer Support

Even after launch of the product Agriya provides maintenance and client support services. They keep a track on the operation of the product updating it regularly, support the technical part, offer ideas for improvement and implement them.

Agriya Development Process

The development process starts with Planning that includes gathering the client’s vision, offering ideas and defining the range of work. Then they proceed to creating the product design. Once it is settled, begins the development stage when they work through UI design, web development and database. Then comes the time of testing to ensure the excellent operation of all the components. When the Agriya team are sure everything works well, the product is released and promoted. This is followed by maintenance since the product needs constant updates, improvement and perfection.

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