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Development process

This Big Nerd Ranch review features the Big Nerd Ranch company and the efforts of its team for rendering the best services possible to their customers. In addition to being developers and designers, the team members also act as instructors who teach and guide their clients for an improved success in the market. The solutions the provided for their clients have assisted in growing their businesses and getting more customers.

The books that Big Nerd Ranch write are one of the most popular and trusted guidelines in the sphere of mobile industry. They are used by a large number of developers across the world as they help moving with the rapidly changing world of mobile developments and keep high-demand.

Read More tells the story of the company. It was founded in 2001 by Aaron Hillegas. Mr. Hillegas started his carrier at NeXT, where his passion for mobile developments was born. Later he cooperated with Apple where he held training in Cocoa and WebObjects. His life experience was applied when starting

Since its foundation the company was involved in giving consultations in mobile development as well as conducting specific training. Big Nerd Ranch iOS programming is the area of company’s expertise. Big Nerd Ranch solutions helped their clients in adjusting their business. The headquarters are located in Atlanta where clients can be provided a wide range of services.

Apps done: 55


  • budget Min Budget $ 10,000+
  • cost $150 - $199 per hour
  • employers 50-249 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2001
  • location Atlanta, USA
  • Calculate

Industry expertise:

Big Nerd Ranch Services

App Development

Nowadays the company has 15 years of experience. For these productive years created a number of effective products that boots clients’ success and attract revenue. Big Nerd Ranch Android apps and Big Nerd Ranch iOS apps are created to give their users best possible experience, flawless operation and, certainly, bring their owners success.

Both Android Big Nerd Ranch and iOS Big Nerd Ranch developments are thoroughly tested to avoid any sensibility of products, meet the latest technologies and operate excellently.  iOS programming Big Nerd Ranch do for their clients is based on company’s experience including others’ experience to produce a design-led user-friendly products. Big Nerd Ranch iOS programming is distinguished by deep experience of experts, quality coding, excellent design, etc. Swift Big Nerd Ranch uses in their work make a great contribution into obtaining a perfect result.

In this Big Nerd Ranch review is described company’s approach to work:

They insure that every aspect of the project, from the very beginning to the very end, corresponds all the needs and goals of their customer’s business.

The team works in cooperation with the customer to meet their requirement to the full.

The customer is asked to give a feedback at every stage of development to understand better if they are moving in the correct direction.

Once the product is finished, they make the transition process to the customer’s team as smooth as possible.

Big Nerd Ranch uses in their work the same methods and technologies they teach to others.

To achieve top results they managed to find a perfect combination of using cross-platforms with deep expertise.

The entire work is carried out only by the members of the team.

Years of experience, activities in developing, teaching others to do it and wiring guidelines make Big Nerd Ranch stand alone its competitions.

Big Nerd Ranch Development Process

As it is stated in this Big Nerd Ranch review, the Development Process at consists of several stages:

Big Nerd Ranch starts working with a Discovery Phase that supposes obtaining a clear idea of aims and strategy of the client business, and define the user category the final products will be targeted at. At this the client if offered an introductory plan of the structure of the product, which contains all the technical details.

The next step is to determine the design interface, budget and terms.

Now beings the process of development where the idea is step by step implemented into reality by the group of experts.

Stage 5 is the stage of testing to ensure the program works without a hitch.

The final stage means preparation for the download of the app to the market. In case of need, Big Nerd Ranch assists in placing the product in the application store.

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