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Development process

Blink UX is a design and research company situated in Seattle and specializing in digital products.

Hundreds of innovation customers, such as different start-up firms as well as Apple, Disney, Fortune 100, Amazon, Microsoft and others, have cooperated with that company.  The mission of Blink UX is to make technology for people, to make things easy in usage.  It is created with a deep understanding of human behavior.

The company possesses great empathy; team always acts with probity, it is very passionate, reliable and synergetic, they do everything with love and really love what they do.

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The main value of the company is reliability. They care about their customers as about people, friends and partners.  They have a chance to do what they love and they really adore what they do. They work really hard daily to keep a positive atmosphere in their office and spread the same atmosphere to the offices of their partners, as well as to the homes of their everyday users all over the world.

Apps done: 60+


  • budget Min Budget $ 25,000+
  • cost $100 - $199 per hour
  • employers 10-49 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2000
  • location Seattle, USA
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Industry expertise:

Blink UX Services

User Research helps its partners to understand their users as well as their needs. Blink UX understands the motivation and opinion, behavior and needs of the users. They use such methods as contextual interview in order to realize assignment, pin points and intercommunication with digital products, devices, different services and applications.

The team helps to realize such things as:

  • Who uses the app and what are their goals;
  • What are the main characteristics describing those people using the system;
  • What user preferences should be considered in design;
  • How does the context of a product influence the design.
Design Services

Blink UX creates design solving depending both on user needs and client’s business aims, at the same they sat antecedences and goals for the design.  After these steps there is an early user’s feedback. All the process includes new product creation; improvement of the performance of already existing product and extending its features; UX pattern library creation.

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Usability Testing & Validation

As is seen from Blink UX review the company validates the usability of the applications and services at any stage of the process of design. The usability evaluation process includes not only in-person, but also portable and remote usability examination of each device. It also includes recommendations on optimization of the design.

Through usability examination and reviews by users they validate designs and find our common problems of the users with the certain application or service; whether the users are able to fulfill main tasks and find the most useful content for them; whether the products meet users’ needs properly. They plan, ease and record usability studies.


Blink UX review shows that the company renders various development services including front-end development, custom software development, useful prototypes creation etc. In other words they help with creation of mobile apps, improving web app codes, build and render real end-to-end experience.

The staff includes experienced full stack, front-and back-end developers.

Performance Measurement has a great team including professionals in site-side and mobiles apps analytics programs who use Google and Adobe Analytics as well as tag management systems. review shows that they ensure the ultimate version of the product is to be released via their A/B evaluation capabilities.

Participant Recruiting

Blink UX is the owner of Northwest Insights which is a Market Research Services company specializing in best quality hosting and recruitment for proficient investigation in the Pacific Northwest.

The skilled recruitment and project management staff does a great job by producing the responders you need for each project.

Blink UX Development Process

Everyone knows how important it is to have a good mobile app for your business.

Blink UX review allows to notice 4 stages of development process which includes information picking up, planning, design and the development itself. As soon as the application is ready sends it to the client for approval. Once it is approved the application goes for public use. The maintenance phase is also important while the app must be up-to-date; with that aim they update it regularly.

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