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Development process

Bottle Rocket is a global multi-disciplinary mobile team, which connects brands and their customers through exceptional user experience. The team provides prize-winning solutions and applications that allow improving businesses by enhancing brand and user interactions. Bottle Rocket operates under Ogilvy – famous international advertising agency, which remains a part of WPP, the foremost universal communications services group, according to Bottle Rocket Review.

The enhanced communication between users and brands allows performing better applications built according to user’s needs and company’s requirements. The joint work of brand’s representatives, developers and users lets the mobile team to be aware of users future needs in advance as well, and operates according to these requests.

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  • budget Min Budget $ 25,000+
  • cost $200 - $300 per hour
  • employers 50-249 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2008
  • location Addison, USA
  • Calculate

Industry expertise:

Bottle Rocket Services

Mobile application remains an advanced tool that connects consumers and brands, once making that connection really meaningful. The company builds custom applications starting from 2008 for famous brands all over the world. Thus, has its own series of native frameworks, solutions and platforms, which remain completely unique. According to review, the company is not involved in outsourcing. Every solution and application is performed by their own in-house experts, thus the connection with consumers stays high, and customers can reach every developer directly.

Bottle Rocket is a leading company in mobile applications development, which provides exceptional mobile experience, which can allow businesses to improve productivity and work efficiency. The user experience has long been company’s main aim. The operates on different levels, providing both Apple recognized applications and unique mobile development solutions that long were deficient on the current market of information technologies.

The entire process of applications and solutions development starts from the idea creation, and ends by its launch.

Due to review, company provides the following services:

  • Strategy performing;
  • Development process;
  • Creative part;
  • Quality assurance;
  • Maintenance and support;
  • Analytics and Forecasting;
  • Account and project management;
  • Platform solutions.

Bottle Rocket Development Process

In this review you will get acquainted with the process of developing an app.

It all begins with the interacting with a customer, learning about the objectives and needs. Once it is cleared up, the agency professionals proceed to shaping the strategy of the future application. At the following stage the designers at Bottle Rocket will do their best for creating tailor-made attractive design of the product. After that, the team of developers, taking into account all the above information, starts the development. When the fresh application is ready, it undergoes multiple testing and reviewing to define the possible bugs and errors. When everything is done, the application is launched. As this Bottle Rocket review proves, the agency keeps supporting and assisting their customers even after the launch of the product.

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