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Development process

Code Brew Labs is a company specializing in digital and technological solutions for different businesses both for existing and those who just are in the process of creation.  Any start-up business or huge corporations can become partners of that company. believes in creating the union of happy and satisfied customers, employees and suppliers. They reach it via perfect products, huge experience and severe control after sales support. They provide support of the apps of different fields, such as financial technology, educational technology, social networks, chat apps etc. review  shows that its team includes more than 200 professionals who possess the best engineering qualities and creative diligence in order to render the best technical expertise and optimize the apps.

Code Brew Labs started its way in 2013. Their motto is to keep users experience in the center of their attention when developing and designing the application. Moreover, the process of developing doesn’t stop as soon as the app is ready; their marketing experts plan a future course for the product. As is seen from the review they have worked on over 100 applications in different areas already.

Apps done: 144


  • budget Min Budget $ 24,000
  • cost $25 - $49 per hour
  • employers 50-249 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2013
  • location Chandigarh, India
  • Calculate

Industry expertise:

Code Brew Labs Services

Code Brew Labs Services

  1. Market Research They appreciate the opinion of each of their clients and that’s why take into consideration all of your thoughts on your product design before starting their research. The research of the is oriented on searching unique ideas and capabilities.
  2. Scoping the problem set doesn’t create cloned apps. They create unique mobile apps because long for challenges taking into consideration ultimate users’ needs. They try to fill the gap in the market by finding new solutions constantly.
  3. Technovate sessions The code brew experts are the best in their field and will surely answer your questions on native and cross platforms, if you should go cloud or not, if it would take too long to focus on user experience or not etc. They use the best tech solutions for both android and IOS mobile apps.
  4. Business model brainstorming A start-up product that doesn’t have a business model can’t count on profit and popularity. Code Brew Labs analytics work hard on business model; the main factors for it to be successful depend on demography, geography of the end user and economic stratum.  It’s impossible to follow profit at a cost of user experience.
  5. Wireframing Code Brew Labs review convinces that they follow that stage in order to include the sketches with the use of such tools as pencil and paper or Balsamiq. It helps to make sure that they figure out all about the product widely.
  6. Defining Brand identity The code brew team takes into consideration your opinion and personal likes when creating the identity of the brand. The product based on user interface should be specified by iconography, color scheme and typography.
  7. Visual Design and Prototyping As seen from review their modern design impresses the ultimate users for a very lasting period. Their team has a real feel of design. The mobile app designers create real life in screens daily. Each of the details is deeply thought by them, including font size, margins and spacings. The final prototype is always visual and dynamic.
  8. iOS development Code Brew Labs professionals are experts in swift, Objective-C and C and meet the app coding needs and requirements. They have developed hundreds of iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch best apps. Such an app development demands many years of investigation and a very good strategy when starting-up. You can check their reliability via the apps they developed. They realize that the development of your app depends on their capabilities. They are always concentrated on the end users. Your app will be successful while it is made as it is desired by users.  Everything is taken into consideration, including interface, usability, ceaseless operations, perfect design and bug free running. They work hard to understand the needs and requirements before starting the process of development.
  9. Android development Code Brew Labs review s show that they coded a lion share of apps for Android platform including Gingerbread and Marshmallow even. Coding is their passion and they do their best. The very professional developers show their best results in customized development, forward thinking and ground breaking concepts. Their development results leave a long-lasting impression on your end users. Their team of Android app development is located in India. The developers are highly skilled and it is necessary to notice that the prices are really reasonable.
  10. Mobile Apps Design Code Brew Labs has the best mobile app designers and developers who create really flexible apps for both iPhone and windows phones. The team uses the latest mobile technologies and tools to help you with iOS design and development,iOS apps development, Android app design and development, Android development, Blackberry OS development and design, mobile apps development and design and Windows apps development.
  11. Data analytics Their mobile app analytics create the financial strategy of your app which will surely monetize and improve your ROI. Code brew professionals set up the necessary future for your app. They learn from mistakes and create new better individual techniques for clients.

Code Brew Labs Development Process

They use 3 efficient principles for successful development process which include:

  • Constant sprints (they check the developer’s work constantly to avoid misunderstanding and missing the important features and details);
  • Code monitoring (to ensure code quality and determine its sustainable development);
  • UX improvement (to reach ceaseless user experience for your software).

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