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Development process

This is a www.daffodilsw.com review from which a reader can obtain information about Daffodil Software company, its approach and services.

Having the offices located in the US, several European countries and Middle East, at this company they do everything they can to provide their customers with best web, app or cloud solutions for ensuing positive changes in their business. These guys know how to satisfy any type of client – weather it is a startup or a big enterprise. Using newest technologies in their work allows the team of Daffodil Software one of the most popular software developing companies. Among their customers are Global 500 Enterprises, state authorities, global news agencies, celebrities, etc.

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For the years of their operation, daffodilsw.com have developed few large portals and websites that are visited by millions of user monthly.

The company also partners with Microsoft, Google and EMC, it cooperates with open source platforms and makes constant contributions to their communities.

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  • budget Min Budget $ 10,000+
  • cost <$25 per hour
  • employers 250-999 employers
  • foundation Founded in 1999
  • location Gurgaon, India
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Industry expertise:

Daffodil Services

From this daffodil software review you will know about the kinds of services the Daffodil Software team offers to anyone who needs get things moving. So, their services include:

Continuous integration: this allows the team of Daffodil Software to focus on adding some extra features than wasting time to debug the product;

Development through testing: www.daffodilsw.com carry out testing at every stage this is why they do not receive unpleasant news when the product is finished;

Pair programming: the company takes advantage of programming in two, one expert controls one part of work, the other looks after the other;

Auditing codes: as it is stated in this daffodilsw.com review strict verification of codes prevents the team from having «misbehavior» of the product in the future;

Code review by peers: Daffodil Software people believe that the more experts look at the software from their angle, the better it become and the soother it operates in the future, because it gives a possibility to see what one person may not notice;

Performance profiling: this daffodil software review proves that the team of the company, when checking the performance of the newly-made product, uses real time mode involving typical business activity and behavior of users.

Daffodil Development Process

At Daffodil Software they have a many-phase and detailed development process. All the phases are described in this daffodil software review.

  1. Phase 1 means Advance planning of construing the application. This is one of the essential stages at daffodilsw.com, because this is where everything starts and it is grave to make a step-wise plan of how things will go.  This Phase includes definition of the project where they see the reasons and purposes for crafting the app; and Making a research of the app market to see the competition.
  2. Phase 2 is Prototyping to see how the app will look. This Phase consists of cooperation of technicians and architects of www.daffodilsw.com  to see how the ideas are implemented in reality. This Phase also includes Storyboarding which means that first visuals of the software will be presented.
  3. At Phase 3 they conduct Assessment of technical functionality of the application. During this Phase the team of Daffodil Software defines how the future application will be accessing the needed data, determine the platform for which the application will be built and refining the definition of the project which may include brining in new ideas, developing promotion strategy and so on.
  4. As it is described in daffodil software review, at Phase 4 they carry out the Practical improvement of usage sample.  By building fast prototypes the team can see how the application can function in real time when in hands of users.
  5. Phase 5 means the beginning of actual work, the Start of the App development. The team of designers creates interaction and appealing design of the product that will ensure an excellent user experience.
  6. Dynamic development of the application is conducted at the Phase 6. In the development process Daffodil Software use a combination of cooperation, transparency and ability of adapting to fast changes.  This is extremely important to meet with success at the mobile industry that changes so quickly.
  7. Phase 7 means Testing of the software. Testing includes testing by real people who give fresh feedbacks on the performance of the product; Beta testing which means involving people to try the Beta version for getting to know if the app really works.
  8. Phase 8 is the long awaited Launch of the product. However, for Daffodil Software it does not mean that they say goodbye to their customers once the app is released. They keep rendering maintenance servicing even after it. AIM Consulting team makes sure the clients receive the full service.

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