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Development process

Dom & Tom is a digital company of full service. Thanks to their rich experience in the industry they provide clients with the possibilities to elaborate a direct strategy to more successful activities. They develop products in different languages and with different technical opportunities. They also work on any platforms such as web, mobile, wearables or any other devices. Every project takes into account current business strategies and infrastructure of the client, its main purposes, and requirements.

Apps done: 65


  • budget Min Budget $ 25,000+
  • cost $150 - $199 per hour
  • employers 50-249 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2009
  • location New York, USA
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Industry expertise:

Dom & Tom Services

Clients can get 4 kinds of services in Dom & Tom company. They are as follows:

1. They hold research and discovery investigations. The experts of the company collect as much information as necessary to assure the most successful strategy. They have already created a number of proven methods to make it in the most effective way.

2. They offer UX strategy and design. Their masters create both design and development of the highest quality. Clients take active part in creation of the product during all the working process. Such close cooperation with clients and attention to the positive user experience brings the clients much better results. 3. The company’s team has good experience in engineering. They don’t specialize in a narrow number of services. Instead, they suggest a wide number of them and produce applications with the most different features depending on the client’s order.

4. They follow quality assurance and launch of the product. The team has already launched more than 250 products and all of them had the highest quality. They are deployed only after the department of quality assessment proves that they are ready for the launch.


Dom & Tom Development Process

1. The company starts their work with investigation and planning. First of all, they study their clients. Then they work on cooperation between the working teams of their specialists together with the specialists of the clients. Working together they create the most effective purposes and go together to the successful results.

2. The company always predetermines certain time periods, investments and purposes of the project. They work both on Agile and Scrum principles and even if the work for Agile, they first study the market, define the main functions of the product and only then continue working on it.

3. All the technologies and solutions for the product are first created in diagrams. If all the participants agree on them, the company continues working on them.

4. The visual design of the product goes in the last turn. It is usually created in complete correspondence with the preferences of stakeholders and future users of the product. The company also takes into account offers of the competitors and analysis of the investigations held. The company’s experts take into account all the features of the product, such as images, colors, and styles.

Should you need any further information about the company you can visit their website There you will see samples of the works and their partners.

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