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Development process

Hathway is a reliable company that design, develop and optimize iOS and Android native mobile applications. The company has its own team of developers, who bring new solutions for enterprise problems and help developing top-notch custom-built application for business.

Due to information technologies rapid development, it became much easier to reach customers online. Therefore, mobile applications development has become such an important niche on the current market. Hathway bring advanced mobile applications, which allow improving numerous businesses. The team of wearehathway.com provides its own solutions of mobile apps development, which helps to improve applications constantly. All users get numerous extra possibilities with apps, including constant updates and adding value. With applications provided by hath way, every client gets a chance to integrate the app into own website and deliver customers new useful utilities. It is also easy to sent quick snipers of info, including push notifications.

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  • budget Min Budget $ 10,000+
  • cost $150 - $199 per hour
  • employers 50-249 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2007
  • location San Luis Obispo, USA
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Industry expertise:

Hathway Services

According to Hathway review, the company provides the following services:

  • Android Application Development;
  • iPhone Application Development;
  • iPad Application Development;
  • Website Integration with a Native App.

Hathway is a mobile innovation agency that help people to reach each other in new ways. Once delivering meaningful brand experience, emerging technology and advanced digital products, the company provides new ways of business conduction. Helping brands and companies to find new ways for their business improvement is the key task of wearehathway.com team. Since 2008, Hathway operates on the market, bringing fast solutions for global brands and engaging users by the means of innovative mobile applications development.

Mobile Strategy

1. Research: Mobile Consumer Behavior

Mobile technologies have become quite important sphere of every day people activity. The communication, navigation and work often is conducted via mobile devices. If someone tends to use mobile technologies for own business development, a deep knowledge of the end user is needed. Hathaway understands the origin of customer segmentation, customer’s needs and motivation, together with successful ways of business conduction.

2. Planning: Mobile experience & Ecosystem Concepting

At wearehathway.com every client can find the needed experienced creative team. Mobile experience, which brings together people, are created by SMS, push notifications, beacons, NFC and augmented reality.

The developers provide the following services to increase the mobile experience:

  • Solution architecture;
  • Web company integration planning;
  • Mobile ecosystem;
  • Customer path-to-purchase touch points;
  • Customer journey mapping.

3. Workshops: product strategy& Roadmap Development

Due to Hathway review, company creates targeted mobile strategies, which are built on the basis of mobile ecosystems and individuals’ behavior. In order to generate maximum impact for clients’ businesses, company places brands at the right place by the means of insights, data and evidence.

According to http://wearehathway.com review, company delivers:

  • Mobile engagement, acquisition and loyalty strategy;
  • Mobile app and product roadmap development;
  • Mobile communication messaging and strategies.
4. Optimization: Insights, Analytics & Testing

In order to reach new opportunities, hath way constantly analyses clients’ mobile systems, according to Hathway review. Such a strategy allows determining what customers care about the most.

The main analytical tools used, according to http://wearehathway.com review:

  • Mobile and web test automation;
  • Google analytics and optimization;
  • Mobile advertising and analytics.
Mobile Web

As http://wearehathway.com review shows, the company builds more than simple websites. It also delivers effective strategies for reaching bigger audience by developing responsive web experience.

Mobile Apps

The team works on mobile applications in Android and iOS design, development and optimization for companies that tend to embrace mobile into their marketing.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

The right time and place are key matters in mobile marketing. The company assists in creation of successful mobile-specific campaigns for brand, which brings customers closer to favorite brand.

Mobile innovation

A professional team of developers is a crucial asset in mobile innovation development. Hath way has its own team of experts, who makes technologies better for brands and customers.

Hathway Development Process

In this Hathway review you will get acquainted with the process of developing an app.

It all begins with the interacting with a customer, learning about the objectives and needs. Once it is cleared up, the agency professionals proceed to shaping the strategy of the future application. At the following stage the designers at Hathway will do their best for creating tailor-made attractive design of the product. After that, the team of developers, taking into account all the above information, starts the development. When the fresh application is ready, it undergoes multiple testing and reviewing to define the possible bugs and errors. When everything is done, the application is launched. As this Hathway review proves, the agency keeps supporting and assisting their customers even after the launch of the product.

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