How To Hire A Mobile App Development Company. Part 1

How To Hire A Mobile App Development Company. Part 1

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Current mode of business making hardly leaves space for considering whether you need an app or not. Your only concern is to decide is what OS to choose and what mobile app development company to contract. Having an app is a total must, whether for some kind of offline venture or for making money through this app itself. So if you find yourself all at sea where to look for best mobile app development companies to design those apps for you, skim through these mobile app development tips. I have significant experience in working with ios app developers, Android gurus and with customers, both contented and disappointed, so I have explored the matter from two sides. This is why the following reading covers the most important problems of contracting custom mobile app development and strategies that you may pursue while trying to hire a mobile app developer.

Is it always so hard to find app developers worth the money they charge?

As I try to speak in simple words about large industry and its hidden rocks, I will set to explain how to develop an android app for beginners. So first I will answer this question that puzzles literally everyone. My first tip is: it is not such a scary task, you just do not know (yet) how to pick one of the best app development companies for right money.

You may think now that:

  •  a decent mobile app development company does not advertise itself
  • good companies are few and they are loaded with work
  • good companies charge a fortune and mediocre ones … we will not consider them.

Nevertheless, these assumptions should not curb your attempts to find mobile app development services. Good companies are right out there, and they proudly display their achievements. You simply need a script what to ask and what security measures to take so that you were pretty sure about the high level of products you get from a mobile app developer.

1. Have a clear vision of your app

It is you who looks for app development services so you must understand what you need to be built. Namely, you must be able to explain what the app will do (its concept), what its target audience is and on what gadgets it will be used. App concept includes key features that should be embedded into its core. If you can answer these questions to yourself, you will also explain them to the team providing app development services. Experienced designers of, say, an established Android app development company can clarify on some particulars of the market, but the fundamental decisions are yours.

2. Decide on the platform the app will operate on

If you have clear ideas  about what populations your target, you should also know what platforms and gadgets they prefer. Different platforms require different processes and development tools, i.e. developing an ios app is not equal to Android app creation. So  a company you plan to contract should be well versed in developing apps for the platform you selected.  Funny but workable way to learn about experience of developers is to ask what smartphones they use themselves. If the answer is ‘iphones’, then Android app better be entrusted to some other company, and vice versa, iOS app development is the best match for them. This is a real lesson learned by Zuckerberg while rolling out some multiplatform FB features.

3. MVP: Minimum Viable Product and its purpose

MVP is the basic but fully workable prototype of the app that can be presented to users. Its popularity (or unpopularity) can hint what features to add or remove or if the app as such is worth developing further. MVP is very convenient from many viewpoints, so do not forget to ask if an app development services provider delivers it and how fast it can be done.

4. Track the process

While reading this piece on how to develop a mobile app remember that literally you must be immersed into the whole project and talk to the team regularly (just be sure to ask reasonable questions, not just ask ‘how is it going?’  or ‘when will it be ready?’ every week). Good mobile app development company always provides communication channel and are ready to answer questions or report troubles and look for solutions together. If the company is not willing to communicate regularly with you – do not waste your budget there.

5. Ask for getting the product in portions, step by step

As an insider in this business, I tell you what: the whole work is usually done in shorter timespans, called sprints. As an outcome of each sprint some viable result is achieved, and it can be easily shown to the customer, if necessary. If you can access the product on sprint stages, you can ask to introduce some vital changes without rebuilding the whole app. You also get valuable understanding how to start developing an android app, so next time you will be more experienced in negotiating and dealing with hired mobile soft specialists.

6. Be aware of limitations of smaller budgets

Usually costs are the main repellent in the matter of looking for reliable software business team. High fees are considered excessive and smaller prices are favored in the quest how to start developing an android app. However, lower fees set in the feasibility study do not mean they will remain low in the end. Many firms try to attract clients by offering deceptively handsome prices, but these firms either deliver unsatisfactory products or boost the total budget towards the finish line. So the bottom line is: you will cash out to some no-name firm the same price as you would be charged by a reputable powerhouse – but with drastically different results. So opt for a higher price, but track spending and hourly rates so that you knew that your money is not wasted.

See the rest of advises in the second portion of the article.


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