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Development process

This is review that will provide a glimpse of the Infinum agency and its menu of services. This agency was established years ago, and has gained a reputation of a worthy market player in the sphere of information technologies and services by producing a high-quality software for mobile apps and doing web development.

This is a private agency with 3 Infinum Zagreb offices employing 100 people united by the common goal.

This Infinum review is to show that the agency works with different types of customers who need tailor-made qualitative mobile applications to promote their business, among them are media publishers, insurance companies, etc.

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Infinum has an impressive menu of services that they offer their customers. This includes full service from fathering demands of the customer to publishing the product in the store. The team of uses a creative approach, through examination and realization of customer’s needs, latest technology and skills of the employees. The people of Infinum Zagreb enjoy what they do, treat life with humor, are obsessed with high quality product and treat their customers the best way possible. Their website, contains detailed information about the location of the agency its work.

Apps done: 100+


  • budget Min Budget $ 10,000+
  • cost $100 - $149 per hour
  • employers 50-249 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2005
  • location San Francisco, USA
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Industry expertise:

Infinum Services

This Infinum review offers the interested parties a description of the services rendered by this agency.

The range of services of is really impressive, they are ready to support their customer all the way through development of mobile and web applications, as well as create a beautiful interface and assure the quality of their work.

What distinguishes their applications from others is a bright design and user experience. The agency creates such working models that it is very easy to transform them to provide user with unforgettable experience. team knows how to make an interface design that will immediately catch the eye of the user.When making this Infinum review, it was established that the agency created the user experience that appears from reliable and easy-to-use software.

The agency does excellent software development. They are experienced in developing the iOS applications, since iPhone is one of the most popular products in the market. Their Android developments are as good. Infinum have been developing Android apps since its 1.6 version. Ruby on Rails is a famous framework, know their advantages and hindrances and have been using it skillfully for designing excellent software for 8 years. The agency, in the process of creating their products, also uses JavaScript, as well as .NET.

The quality is ensured by the thorough testing and reviewing of the application by the experts of Infinum.

Infinum Development Process

In this review you will get acquainted with the process of developing an app.

It all begins with the interacting with a customer, learning about the objectives and needs. Once it is cleared up, the agency professionals proceed to shaping the strategy of the future application. At the following stage the designers at Infinum will do their best for creating tailor-made attractive design of the product. After that, the team of developers, taking into account all the above information, starts the development. When the fresh application is ready, it undergoes multiple testing and reviewing to define the possible bugs and errors. When everything is done, the application is launched. As this Infinum review proves, the agency keeps supporting and assisting their customers even after the launch of the product.

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