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Development process

Movile is a leading company in mobile content and commerce platforms development that operates on the global level and provides millions of clients with top-notch services. With significant investments received in 2014, Movile Company has started expanding its client’s base and working segment in Online2Offline apps development. With over 400 employees, and more than 40 wireless operators, movile internet movel sa has reached over 7 million subscribers over the world. The company has an impressive users’ rate, since over 30 million people use services and products every month.

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  • budget Min Budget $ 5,000+
  • cost $25 - $49 per hour
  • employers 250-999 employers
  • foundation Founded in 1998
  • location São Paulo, Brazil
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Industry expertise:

Movile Services

Movile is a leading company in mobile content and commerce platforms development that operates worldwide. It provides products for mobile phones, smartphones and tablets making people’s life better. According to review, applications developed by the company include entertainment and online education applications, together with popular games.

Movile provides different mobile content and numerous applications both for people and companies, according to Movile review.

People use applications to play through their devices in order to get some fun or with other purposes, for example, educational.

Companies use services to improve M-Commerce, M-payment and content distribution.

Movile Development Process

Movile development process starts from a certain idea performing, which represents a set of scheduled requirements and desired features.

The Movile review determines the idea phase as the most important step, since every great application gets its start from an exclusive and unparalleled idea.

With a unique idea, it is much easier to perform a powerful application, which meets the requirements of a new mobile market.

The next stage brings developers together in order to determine the main goals of the project. This is the consultation phase, where developers, designers and engineers together with brand’s representatives determine the main goals of the app development process.

Due to Movile review, the wireframe phase brings blueprint of an application used to get sure everything is going according to the plan. On this stage the missing features are defined and platform specific suggestions are made. review shows the functionality and navigation is defined by the first wireframe. review assures the company makes as much versions of wireframe as needed to ensure all movile internet movel sa needs are met. The first and the further wireframes allow reaching the final application that meats all the requests and expectations.

The last phase, the testing one, starts when the application is ready. On this stage, by the means of bug tracking software, the application is extensively tested in order to fix any problematic issues found. When the stage is completed, simple user can test an movile internet movel sa app, and sent developers a feedback.

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