How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App?

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In the modern world everything has its price, and all problems are usually evaluated in terms of money. So it is not surprising that when an entrepreneur plans to develop an app for business purpose he or she primarily explores how much does making an app cost. The industry is diverse and offers myriads of small firms and powerhouses all specializing in mobile application development, so finding a right balance of costs and quality is a key to getting desired results. But how to calculate how much does it cost to create an app? Usually hourly rate is viewed as a main determiner of mobile apps development costs, yet it is far from truth. Read this app development cost breakdown to know what to expect.

So, what factors influence apps development costs?

I will tell it in a nutshell: a good team, a kind of product itself and follow-up support are main predictors of the cost to create an app you need. Now some in-depth explanations about mobile app development pricing.

Team Size

Costs of creating an app mainly stem from salaries paid to developers. A team can be nuclear or extended, depending on scale of the project. Nuclear one includes  two or three developers (including one backend specialist who will create API if necessary), user interface designer, a manager and a person responsible for quality checks. Extended  team also includes larger number of programmers and a designer who will develop control panel of the software. The larger the team, the higher salary expenses. That’s obvious so far.

In-App Costs

Internal costs of creating an app stand for custom-made components, diversity of platforms on which the soft solution will run and technical features that will consume time and efforts of the team.

  • Customary Components

The  triumph or failure of the app depends, among others, on its looks, that is, UI design. So the better and smarter the looks of the final product, the bigger the investment to develop an app. Standard libraries offer only limited and well-used sets of frameworks, patterns and animation, so developing an app with brand new sleek UI will take extra time and money.

  • Diversity of platforms (I also include variety of devices into this category)

Cost of apps for ios may be lower in this respect, as they need to match only the latest OS versions (like v.9 and v.8) and all recent iPhones are basically the same in OS compatibility. So ios app development will cost less in this respect. Mind it while calculating how much does it cost to make an iphone app.

If you evaluate android app development fees, the things are more complex. It is required to determine target devices for the app (they are more than numerous and market-bound), the target audience and its purpose. The dependence is direct: the larger number of devices a specialist needs to consider to create mobile app without bugs, the higher the costs. Each device has its tech specs, so the app needs to be fine tuned and tested. If you opted for a single brand or type of devices – the task is simplified and the costs are reduced.

  • Technical features

These are as diverse as number of Android devices, and they also significantly influence the cost of creating an mobile app.  So to get a clue how much does it cost to make a game app, for example, carefully determine what hardwired perks you’d wish to get. It will determine android app development costs  and cost of apps for ios  equally.

These features may include embedding of third party programs or tools, like chats, payment systems or social media integration.

Option of purchases inside the software also boosts apps development costs. Whether devising a mini-shop or creating virtual objects for sales (popular feature for games),  the android app development team will charge extra for that.

Backend matters are also priced above the average, so add an additional spending line for that while deciding how much do mobile apps cost. Backend component indicates there is an app and a remote database, and they exchange information. The complexity of this system hints that apps development costs will be higher than expected. Creation of control panel is priced on the same basis,  so by adding these two features to a potential app you will send the android app development costs go sky high.

Hardware integration relates to specific hardware solutions being tapped into by the app features. For example, cameras being employed by Skype or Viber are examples of such integration (not to delve too deep into explanations about gyroscopes, GPS, etc.) Writing the code that would integrate hardware puts yet more load on your budget, too.

Follow-up support

Releasing a product is indeed an occasion to celebrate, yet the expenses do not stop right there. As any complex high quality product, the mobile solution  needs different kinds of maintenance, hosting, updates and upgrades, occasional bug fixing, and many more. Marketing is a totally separate expenditure line. Usually it is not counted as a paid service, rather, it is a bonus provided by large and reputable companies to their customers. But be prepared to add these considerations into your analysis on how much to build an app it will take.

But What About Hourly Rate? Maybe, Somewhere Else They Are Really Low?

Well, somewhere in India the cost of building an app will translate into surprisingly low fees, but the dark side of the issue is the quality of work. It is usually assumed that the cheaper the price, the worse the outcome. Although there are some nice exceptions to this rule, usually it works. So compare the prices across the world and  decide what is an acceptable compromise for you.

Typical hourly rates to build app for ios (or other platform) include (by regions):

  • in Canada and the USA typical prices are $50-$250
  • Australian specialists ask for $50-$150
  • Europe (UK included) sets for $35-$170
  • Eastern Europe (a newcomer on the market but very decent one) charges $20-$150
  • India – with its moderate appetites – charges between $10 and $80.

So it is not obligatory to hire an Indian freelancer to keep some money in the wallet. Think  Europe and android app development costs will surprise you nicely.

Can Anyone Tell Me Just The Price? How Much Does It Cost To Make An App, After All?

A truly reputable agency cannot present you with a ready-made menu with final prices indicated in red. All above mentioned facts determine how much does it cost to develop an app, and every single project is unique. All you can get is a rough estimate drawing on the price charged for the already existing similar app. This approach offers the most true to life Android and iOS software billing. I can offer you a peak into the potential prices of three types of apps – simple, medium and complex. Let us take a median hourly rate of $50 and account for all factors described above (they all impact directly how much to create an app it will cost).

  • a primitive app with some basic features (free library components, some filters, and a feed) will require about six hundred hours of work and total to $20,000.
  • medium complexity app will need API, basic backend features, in-built purchases system and maybe some tailored elements of UI. the time count will grow to eight hundred hours and mobile app development cost breakdown will deliver the result between $35,000 and $50,000.
  • multifunctional and sophisticated app has to process smoothly multimedia materials, have plenty of custom elements, be compatible with third-party features and operate well in conjunction with databases. Dating app usa can fit into this category. The time limits necessary to develop an mobile app will go beyond 800 hours, and price will hit the mark of $60,000-$80,000.

These are only broad and approximate attempts to explore how much money does it cost to create an app. You got the general picture on how much to make an app it may cost, and the details will depend exclusively on the mobile solution you ask for.


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