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Development process

This Raizlabs review contains all the necessary information a reader needs to know about Raizlabs. This is a US company focused on development and design of software. Their offices are located in San Francisco and Boston. Raizlabs.com has been engaged in app development since 2008, even before iTunes App Store was launched. Nowadays the team of the company is experts in developing both Web, Android and iPhone applications, and multi platform apps.

This company aims at developing applications that inspire, attract, entertain and bring benefits to their customers. Raizlabs help their customers develop their business strategies with the help of excellent applications.

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This raizlabs.com review says that the secret of the company’s products success lies with attentive attitude to their customers, namely listening. They focus on ideas and related issues of the customer. Taking every detail into account they offer most appropriate solutions that make difference.

Over 10 years of experience in the market of mobile app development, two powerful offices in the USA, team of best professionals in the field make www.raizlabs.com one of the best strongest players who fulfill every project seamlessly.

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  • budget Min Budget $ 50,000+
  • cost $150 - $ 199 per hour
  • employers 50-249 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2003
  • location Boston, USA
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Industry expertise:

Raizlabs Services

As it is stated in this raizlabs.com review the company developed a vast number of quality products for firms working in different industries.

The work with customer is started with going deep into strategy description to understand what a client really needs. They craft design for Android and iPhone apps, and multi platform development. An important part of the working process is usability testing to make sure the product is user friendly and is going to bring positive effect on business. Raizlabs also provide services of product marketing and enterprise deployment. According to customers’ needs they will be able to do developments for Kiosk, Apple Watch, iPad, Internet of things, etc.

Building for all mobile platforms and web: they are experienced in crafting products using Ruby on Rails, HTML5, React, Swift and Java.

Cross industry expertise: education, medicine, finance, travel, e-commerce is not the full list of industries for which raizlabs.com produced five star applications. They have all the necessary tools and knowledge to develop for various industries.

Raizlabs Development Process


In this Raizlabs review one will find the list of services rendered by the company. Their aim is to craft applications that do not only have appealing interface, but impress with their functionality, usability and start giving results in business at once. Understanding is the most important thing this team does. It all depends on getting the customers vision and needs, as well as users’ feedbacks.

  • Conceptualization and exploration. The team believes that it is essential to establish a close cooperation with customer to find the best option. They explore, use, design for the best possible result in every separate case.
  • Crafting of maquette and validation of design.  It is the company’s strategy to give a thorough examination to every design and make sure it suits real users. This al is done to improve what can be improved.
  • Self examination and improvement. Design is something that a user first pays attention to, and it must be ideal. At www.raizlabs.com they constantly carry out the examination of their own work, look for possible ways of iteration. Designers work in cooperation with engineers to make sure the initial design and its implementation in the app is identical.
App Development

The Raizlabs teams of both offices are united by the same goal of producing a quality product that completely satisfies the clients, gives amazing user experience and, surely, contributes to development of their business. The employees know all the aspects of developing for Android and iPhone, multi platform apps, which definitely affects the essence of the product.

In their approach they prefer not doing the order at all than doing it not right. Coding must be smooth. And they never refuse challenges because the challenges help them grow professionally.

Tools. When it comes to using the tool for web or app development, at Raizlabs know how to define the best one weather it is Ruby/Rails, Java, Swift, or something completely new.

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