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Development process

This is a detailed ScienceSoft review from which you can obtain necessary data about the company and its activities.

ScienceSoft was established in 1989 as a company for development of software. Today it is employing over 450 experienced IT professionals working in branches worldwide, with depth of experience in IT outsourcing, well-established software development processes and compliance of the quality system with the ISO standard. work with businesses of all types that are engaged in different areas of activities such as Healthcare, Financial Services, telecommunications, etc. they have developed software for such giants as Wal-Mart, eBay, Nestle, etc.

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Its headquarters are located in the USA, whereas the development activity is concentrated in its branches in Eastern Europe and South-eastern Asia. These are the places where the company’s global partners receive their products.

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  • cost $25 - $ 49 per hour
  • employers 250-999 employers
  • foundation Founded in 1989
  • location McKinney, USA
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Industry expertise:

ScienceSoft Services

Mobile APP Development

Department for development of mobile apps at ScienceSoft consists of the team of mobile technology experts who can turn their customers’ ideas into a mobile application.

The company has developed more than 300 successful customized mobile applications for various industries that have helped their customers significantly reduce costs, increase productivity and enter new markets.This review says that this company has developed one of the most popular instant messengers Viber, apps that are successfully used by KFC and Burger King, MTV, BBC, etc.

Mobile Technology Consulting

The team of ScienceSoft are professionals in providing consultation on cross platform apps. They often receive orders on crafting demo version, improvement of existing applications, etc. Many years of working in this domain allow the company to render quality services in: Read More

  • Analyzes of feasibility: the experts of the company evaluate the product on efficiency, gadget compatibility, and suggest the best platforms.
  • Development of experimental versions: to see if will be possible to realize the required features of the future app, the company crafts a simple experimental version, which, by the way, can be used by customers to attract investors or partners.
  • Technical and Functional design: the team of ScienceSoft takes into account all the customer’s requirements and creates a conceptual design to be given to the Development department.
  • Analyses of requirements (free of charge): customer’s vision and company’s possibilities are evaluated for a proper presentation of the product in the market.
  • Review of design and code: excising products can receive an independent evaluation.
  • Structure of system: at ScienceSoft they design flexible and adjustable structures of their products, as well as upgrade and improve already existing ones.
Mobile Patient Applications

This ScienceSoft review describes the types of services rendered in the healthcare sector. The software for medical purposes provides organized care and constant communication of patients and medical personnel. By using their software medical healthcare centers obtain the following benefits: create patient focused environment; increase positive treatment outcome by reducing the risk of complications; reduce the number of patients received in the center by providing help at distance.

Development of Cross-Platform apps

Apart from developing mobile apps on their native platforms, ScienceSoft carries out cross platform development with the use of Xamarin and PhoneGap. Multi platform applications preserve their amazing graphics and work flawlessly, they are easy to maintain and are delivered to the market very fast.

Xamarin Development

As it becomes clear from this review, this company has wide experience of work in the market of software and mobile app development. The expert team believe that Xamarin is the best tool for developing cross platform applications. Xamarin is based on C#, meaning that it possesses the featured of core platforms, and additionally has a number of features that help greatly with the creation of functional products. They are not afraid of challenges caused by multi platform development, and are always to take a dare.

Mobile UI/UX Design

At they believe that not only the structure of the application should be perfect, but also its design, that is meant to attract and fascinate the users. This is what the UI/UX Design experts do – they complement the content with visual. 300 successful project for during 11 years – this is an achievement.

Web Development

The company has on its account about 250 developed websites, a team of about 200 web developers and a great potential for further improvement. As this review states, this company provides a full services of web development: beginning-to-end procedure of development, redesigning of the working websites, application development for web and integration, transferring customer’s websites or apps to cloud, all types of maintenance and support of developed and existing websites, adaptation of web sites to be used on mobile gadgets.

Outsourced Development Center

Experts at ScienceSoft offer the complete cycle of services on software development. They develop and implement products for various purposes and of different complexity levels. Depending on the field of application, the software products are adapted to various platforms, technologies and databases.

Software QA and Testing

In this ScienceSoft review there are described competencies of testing at the company. They carry out:

  • Functional testing to check if the product meets its specifications;
  • Software performance testing to it operates well at each stage of development;
  • Localization testing to check and adapt the elements of the product interface to cultural, linguistic and regulatory features of the region.
  • Automated testing is carried out for all types of testing;
  • Mobile testing is conducted for existing mobile devices and prototypes.
Cloud and Network Services

The team of ScienceSoft does everything to help their customers with management of IT system. They offer cloud portal service for convenience of their clients that include managing the cloud structure, maintenance and support of apps, networking management services, migration to Microsoft office365, etc.

In this ScienceSoft review there are listed the Industries of the company’s specialization.

  • The company works with the representatives of middle market, and for the years of experience can boast of:
  • Banking and Finance: they have covered projects for banks with the number of clients up to 7 million people and $400 billion, provided data security solutions.
  • Healthcare. More than 200 healthcare institutions were rendered an excellent service; huge institutions with billion dollar revenue and several tens of thousands of employees receive reliable system for processing medications orders.
  • Retail sales: development of modules for eBay Commerce platforms; crafting of special system for analyzing the private label goods for Wal-Mart; preparation of promotional strategy for Heinz; development of system for monitoring health parameters for nestle.
  • Telecommunications: ScienceSoft developed Viber app for instant messaging and ViOP apps; systems for data security for companies in Asia and Europe.
  • Public sector: development of nationwide registry system for civilians for a European country; execution of a parliamentary order on software for mobile document management.

ScienceSoft Development Process

ScienceSoft is a mature software development establishment with rich experience in the IT market. To achieve success and provide top-quality products and services, they have worked out a special development process, which consists of the following stages:

1. Research and Business analysis

ScienceSoft not only develops excellent products, but they evaluate and realize the individual needs of each business and create their products based on that.

2. Layouts and Wireframes

After evaluation of the requirement of the project, the design team starts working on creation of envelope of the product, combine the great functionality and luring design.

3. UI/UX Design

The company’s UI/UX designers create images that fully correspond to the status of the business, sticking to the corporate colors, graphic styles, etc. They craft amazing design for both native and multi platform apps.

4. Mobile application development (native and cross-platform)

ScienceSoft team have years of expertise developing different types of mobile applications, native and dross platform ones. The entire process from crafting the idea and release of the product is based in close communication with customer, and inside the team.

5. Mobile testing

After the development of system components under the plan, the project team conducts development testing.

6. Unit testing and UI Automation

All the testing processes are automated with the use of latest and most reliable technologies.

7. Delivery to market

After the product is finished, tested and released, the team of ScienceSoft helps choosing the best strategy of its promotion and delivery to the market.

8. Publishing on the App Store, Google Play or Windows Store

ScienceSoft does publishing of the product in biggest online markets.

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