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Development process

This Thoughtbot review gives the reader a clear understanding of the idea of the company and the services it renders.

The company is a team of experts engaged in consulting services related to mobile applications. The team numbers about 90 people. And they have such sub-branches: Thoughtbot London, Thoughtbot  San Francisco, Thoughtbot  Boston, etc.

As it was mentioned above the company does consultations on mobile and web applications that run on Android and iOS and Ruby on Rails respectively. Thoughtbot  work with firms or organization that design new products or try to introduce new type of service but their future still looks vague. However, their customers must be enthusiastic about updating and promoting their products. Usually, these companies expect user feedback and hope to receive test models as soon as possible.

Apps done: No Data


  • budget Min Budget $ 25,000+
  • cost $200 - $300 per hour
  • employers 50-249 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2003
  • location New York, USA
  • Calculate

Industry expertise:

Thoughtbot Services review emphasizes that this expert team does lot of types of mobile development. And when they say Mobile they don’t apply to apps, but to their users. They are engaged in developing and designing the software the every aspect of which is customer-friendly.

  • Android development

The Android applications of the company are all native, meaning they do them with Java. Special guidelines are strictly observed by the Thoughtbot designers. And the developed app is placed in Good Play without any problems.

  • iOS development

Swift, Objective-C and Xcode are the tools used by the company’s employees to develop iOS software. The completely exclude the use of any other developer’s platforms while writing the app. Such policy ensures the use of latest Apple updates of technology when it is released.

  • Web development

Thoughtbot team uses a variety of developing methods, many of them are based on material describes in a special guidebook. It is called Extreme Programming Explained and is one of the flexible methodologies for software development. 25 years passed since the book was first published, but it does not loses its actuality and popularity among experts. For a better quality of work the developers of the company uses XP experiences.

  • Ruby on Rails

For any developer it is very important to design a qualitative and secure product, and makes its cost lower to be compatible at the market. All these can be achieved by using Ruby on Rails in development process, which is done by the Thoughtbot. The effectiveness of work of the company is proved by the numerous satisfied customers.

  • Alternative frameworks and languages

When doing the review it was noticed that not only they use Ruby/Rails while developing a tool, but also take advantage of other frameworks and languages which include Python/Jango, React, Go, etc.

  • Designing

The team undoubtedly pays a lot of attention to attractive deign of their software, as this Thoughtbot review shows. They make all the way from A to Z, from sketching the idea down on a piece of paper to coding the design in the app. They always make the research to get the users opinion.

  • Design sprinting and prototypes

Design sprints of Google Ventures assist is realizing the experience of user and defining the points of the product that are to be perfected. Once it is done, the customer is given a prototype that was utilized for interviewing.

  • Testing and client experience

Thoughtbot testing and researching are carried out to define the possible problems that user may face when dealing with the app and eliminate them, as well as to see which features should remain and wish are not really necessary.

Thoughtbot Development Process

In this review you will get acquainted with the process of developing an app.

It all begins with the interacting with a customer, learning about the objectives and needs. Once it is cleared up, the agency professionals proceed to shaping the strategy of the future application. At the following stage the designers at Thoughtbot will do their best for creating tailor-made attractive design of the product. After that, the team of developers, taking into account all the above information, starts the development. When the fresh application is ready, it undergoes multiple testing and reviewing to define the possible bugs and errors. When everything is done, the application is launched. As this Infinum review proves, the agency keeps supporting and assisting their customers even after the launch of the product

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