TOP 11 Most Popular Mobile Apps Cost

TOP 11 Most Popular Mobile Apps Cost

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If you are in search of information on how much does it cost to make an app, then this reading is for you. Different applications present different challenges and scopes of work, so there is no general app development cost to  refer to in time of doubts. However, it is useful to look across the industry and evaluate the cost to develop android app on the example of iconic apps in various areas of life – from service provision to entertainment and dating.


Facebook is probably the most famous social network, hence social apps of this kind have become a trend. Basically, Facebook is about connection and opportunity to find a person and communicate with him or her, as well as following important updates in their lives. This is done via multiple tools like messages, accepting into friends, following, sharing texts, photo and video. The network is fit for personal use and for business purposes, it has become a kind of huge digital media. So the mobile soft imitating this type of virtual media is bound to be popular.

Total cost of this app development including CMS and web-based operations for both Apple and Android devices is near $60,000. Plus, assign approximately half a year to develop the soft, test it and do bug-fixing.


Communication has become pure fun with advent of Viber. It offers free texting, voice chats and video calls, and also provides an array of smiles, stickers and emoticons to make conversations brighter. So in order to create app for android and ios with  similar Viber-like concept, it is reasonable to consider how much is the app and if lots of time are necessary to make it.

Cost total for producing this kind of app, together with web-based work, comes close to $80,000. It will take five to six months to complete full development cycle for this app for iOS and Android.


It is basically similar to the above mentioned solution, yet until recently it did not have voice calls service. Now this ‘bug’ is fixed and WhatsApp lovers can celebrate and communicate with each other even more. Actually, this solution that keeps people connected is very useful, this is why a variety of imitating products were conceived. If you conceived  some brilliant idea how to make a similar product that will attract users by some new mind-blowing aspect, you need to find out how much does it cost to build an app of this kind.

Average app development cost of this one amounts to about $69,000 for the whole package of work (development, web, CMS). Time required is three to four months.


Dating is always in trend, so socializing apps will always be in fashion. Tinder lets the romantics flow free over the world, and people can set a dating date (what a pun!) by selecting a day in virtual calendar.

Want to make one more romantic online helper like Tinder? What if you build Android apps or  ios apps, or both?

The cost of getting a similarly styled app plus all accompanying web support will be near $38,400 (meaning both Android and Apple versions). Work will take  between 3 and 4 months (full cycle).


This one is to all music addicts. Shazam allows to explore and find new music created around the globe, listen to it, and even follow lyrics and find songs you are singing right now. What’s more, Shazam tells you what you might like – and rarely misses the point. So, to repeat this success, first get estimates how much app cost is.

If a music-lover calculates how much is the app of this type, he will arrive at the sum of almost $30,000 including CMS and super admin rights, web, etc. Time span on average will be between 3 and 4 months.


Tripadvisor combines traits of a good friend and global travel agency. It will advice on everything – from where to go on holidays to where to dine at a given destination. Hotel booking, routes planning, all valuable info about travel and experience sharing – it is all stored in virtual memory of this small solution. Need to know app development cost for the one like this?

Dedicated travelers can have the similarly styled app for approximately $71,000, CMS and super admin rights, web, etc. included. Half a year will be the typical work time to complete the development.


This famous taxi finder has already caused scandals and riots because it diminished popularity of traditional taxi services. Similar solutions appear on the market, yet Uber is still far ahead.

To make app for transportation business like Uber will incur costs of about $69,600 together with the latest feature updates, web, etc. Here, just as in all other estimates, we calculate total costs for both  platforms, that is, developing android app and providing its counterpart for Apple gadgets.


Airbnb is a virtual service for renting an accommodation from private owners for a night or two. People rent their homes and earn, and other people live at home while being on business trips. Everyone is happy, except probably an app developer who will be engaged in development of a similar software.

Airbnb costs fit somewhere in between the mentioned app development solutions, namely, they total to approximate $55,000 for both platforms, plus accompanying work, web, CMS, etc. Time needed is somewhere 4 to 5 months.


Telegram is ultimately like WhatsApp, only it works faster. Need a likewise solution? Find out the cost of developing android app (or the solution for other platform).

App development cost for this solution will cost about $51,000, both platforms included, the full package of work and CMS listed as well. Timespan assigned for work needs to be about six months long.


The most interesting aspect of Snapchat is that all messages disappear soon after being viewed by a receiver. So all these wonderful little chats fade away like memories. If you decided to create app for android and ios in Snapchat style, consider the following.

To create an app like Snapchat will cost you about $51,000, and the price includes  every portion of work related to the matter, web and CMS being also on the list.  Time estimates are approximately 3 or 4 months.


Instagram needs no explanations, its name has become a description for a whole lifestyle. Need to create its close rival in the industry? Read on how much does it cost to make a app.

Instagram-like service will require the investment of $56,000 including whole spectrum of work (web, CMS, etc.). Time needed –  between 3 and 4 months.

To sum it up, I suggest finding an industry average. The perfect formula of app price and delivery term will be 5 months and about $55,000 per app.

NB: basis for evaluation is 5-day and 8 hour working week, and $20 per hour fees rate.


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