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Development process
Vokal is a leading digital experience agency that offers mobile application development, user experience design, and responsive website development. The company brings innovative solutions in mobile app development, mobility management and design.
Apps done: 66


  • budget Min Budget $ 50,000+
  • cost $100 - $149 per hour
  • employers 50-249 employers
  • foundation Founded in 2009
  • location Chicago, USA
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Industry expertise:

Vokal Services

Digital Strategy Team of www.vokal.io developers brings successful solutions for every customer. By exploring industry, company, marketplace, Vokal team reaches the main goals for client’ mobile product development. With the strongest strategy, businesses improve their key features and profits significantly. Research and Planning Due to Vokal review, the team analyzes a certain company, industry and marketplace in order to choose the best strategy and product conditions and reach the main goal. Trends and Forecasting Company forecasts the results of strategies implemented and user’s future needs in order to improve every digital solution, according to www.vokal.io review. Business Model Innovation The www.vokal.io team offers advanced solutions for every business to be transformed into improved commerce, with greater value to customers. Design According to Vokal review, every digital solution’s power is the user experience. Vokal designs optimal user experiences, thus allowing users achieving key goals. The company-made solutions bring brands and customers together, engage a bigger client’s base and improve communication. Read More
The experience comes with the next options provided: Branding – Company develops and maintains certain brands, their design, product strategies and competition rate improvement, according to www.vokal.io review. Experienced Mapping – Company’s solutions allow minimizing challenges and increasing digital solutions’ value. Customers’ behavior study lets developers to determine their main needs, and bring further the higher customer’s satisfactory rate. Experience Design – The merging of design and engineering allows creating engaged customers and giving bigger value to brands. Copywriting – The top mobile and digital user experience design always include the best copy. Company provides easy and understandable solutions, captions and scripting. Prototyping – Vokal builds prototypes in order for clients to see their apps in action, before the development process starts. iOS App Development Company develops successful solutions for iOS devices, launching advanced applications for iPhone. Talented developers and designers collaborate in order to ensure the best user experience. Due to detailed Vokal review, they perform top results by:
  1. Using location services to deliver experiences on wide audience;
  2. Performing custom design schemes for advanced exchange of information between apps;
  3. Using hardware integration to increase product abilities;
  4. Integrating management platforms;
  5. Creating custom layouts and views;
  6. Improving experience via devices for iOS;
  7. Leading software development kit creation.
Android App Development Vokal team of Android development provides digital solutions for Android devices working together with design team. The united team creates powerful Android applications with great capabilities. The vokal interactive team brings its best solutions by:
  1. Developing effectiveness by the means of interface testing;
  2. Providing improved experience via devices;
  3. Testing across numerous devices;
  4. Using location services;
  5. Creating layouts and custom views;
  6. Leading software development kit creation;
  7. Advancing from new possibilities.
Web Development
  • Frontend Web Development
In new reality, when every site needs to be accessible from both computer and mobile devices, a proper design is must. A highly functional website brings wide audience and better profits. The team of www.vokal.io can make a website work for you by:
  1. Developing it in foundational and current coding languages;
  2. Paying attention to customization;
  3. Creating adaptive modern sites from the ground up;
  4. Modernizing a website into vokal interactive responsive one.
  • Backend System Development
The main purpose of backend is to process the entire business of a vokal interactive website. The team brings new solutions to backend development by creating customized systems. The developers improve business by:
  1. Creating custom management systems (CMS);
  2. Building new enterprise systems and digital enterprises;
  3. Creating secure and effective cloud platforms;
  4. Promoting efficient development
  5. Creating engaging and mobile commerce with POS;
  6. Performing digital solutions;
  7. Creating digital solutions’ SDK;
  8. Developing custom hardware.
Delivery At www.vokal.io review, delivery means providing a final product by launching a mobile responsive site. All apps created by company remain optimized for app store visibility.
  • Implementation and Training
The team integrates products with the certain systems to ensure business movement, and provides constant support by training a client-company and its staff how to use the app.
  • Marketing, Advertising and Promotion
Company provides the efficient marketing campaign across all media. Optimization
  • Optimization and Maintenance
Company runs an optimization procedure and keeps an eye on every solution implementation.
  •  Quality Assurance
The developers assures the efficiency of the app by constantly testing it through multiply browsers and platforms.
  • Analytics
Company provides clients with analytical tools to measure product success with performance goals. In particular, the familiar tools allow:
  • Uncovering market insights;
  • Monitoring product performance;
  • Tracking operational performance.

Vokal Development Process

The process of app development is complex and consists of following stages:
  • Definition and discovery;
  • Design Phase;
  • Development
  • Continued iteration and maintenance.
Every stage of the app development is important, starting from the initial idea and ending up with final advertising. Company provides efficient tools and professional team, who provides successful digital solutions in mobile application development.

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